Gems By Michael Sterling Silver Dauphin Apatite 3-Row Band Ring

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  • Stunning!, (ECHO23 CA)

    The color is delicious! The band design is beautiful and its wide enough that it doesnt spin on my finger. The low profile makes it easy to wear. I love it!!!!

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  • MISSING STONE, (ngrid4u IL)

    I love the style of this ring when I received it. I tried it on and put it back in box. I decided to wear it today and realized that a stone is missing. I don't know when and how it was missing or if I even got it that way. All I was doing is driving to a destination. I'm in the waiting room and just look at my finger and notice. It will be going right back. Very disappointed.

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  • sizing off, (LVfranki NY)

    I ordered a 6 and this was more like a four. No other way to describe it. Beautifull ring, but all of Michael's are. Not sure what happened here.

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  • Pale blue Apatites, (GemFX MA)

    The vivid apatite stones in the video are stunning. the ring received had very pale washed out stones. gold-tone accent seemed to be turning a bit brassy. i have a MV ring from a different channel purchased years ago and the gold accent has not turned. overall design and palladium setting is nice.

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  • color shift ?, (chery NY)

    Think sky blue topaz when you envision the shade of this apatite, but with a twist. The color changes depending on the light source. The color ranges from a washed out blue to vivid light blue to greenish blue. The stones are clear and sparkling. There is so much gold plating that the rings looks gold rather than silver. Even though the palladium does not tarnish, the gold plating will, so buff it w/ an anti-tarnishing cloth. Apatite is a soft stone, so utilize care. Fits true to size.

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  • Gorgeous Color, (patymayo ME)

    This is so beautiful and is so comfortable to wear. Love the style of this!!!

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  • Stone quality is light blue, not dark blue, (DRies FL)

    The color that is shown hair is beautiful. However, when I received the ring, the color of the stones are not as dark as white shown in the pictures, the reason why I ordered the ring is because of the color of the stones, I feel like I got scammed because the color is not even close to the picture.

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  • Sizzles with sparkle!, (LeeSnoopyT AZ)

    These stones are a beautiful color and they pop brilliantly from across the street! Such a lovely, comfy ring. The Apatite stones look like turquoise electrified. I can't say enough about the beauty of this ring.

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  • Beautiful Stones!, (Lushpuppy TN)

    I have several pieces from Gems by Micheal. His stones are gorgeous and I just had to have this apatite. The ring does run a little tight but very pretty.

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  • Very Disappointed, (AlleyKatz MA)

    At first glance, this ring was beautiful right out of the box.....until I immediately noticed a stone was missing. Returned immediately. Don't know if this is Michael's fault or HSN just repackages other returns and resells them, as others have mentioned a missing stone in this ring.

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  • Dauphin Apetite ring is stunning., (KB4Ak CA)

    The Dauphin Apetite ring by Michaelis very stunning. The color is beautiful, and unusual. It stands out in a good way when wearing it. Get comments. Thanks a lot, Michael. Bought a few of his jewelry items before coming to HSN. Good quality.

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  • Missing stone, (Maui_Girl HI)

    I absolutely love the color and design of this ring. However, because it was a gift, it was opened later and was missing a stone! What do I do?

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  • Very little Color, (twilightcat FL)

    I have another ring with this Dauphin Apatite that is much more color. This ring may have more stones and carat weight, but not worth to purchase this. These stones have very little color.

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  • Beautiful ring, (AK9Z AZ)

    Very substantial setting, with great detail and weight. Stones are bright and vibrant color. Its a keeper

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  • Being cautious, (retail-fun TX)

    After receiving the last 2 rings from Michael where stones fell out before even putting it on-Im being very cautious. The first one I ordered-my normal size 6-was so tight-it tore the skin off my finger so I exchanged it for a 7. Warm people if you must go up one size due to thick band.

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