Gabor Essentials Unity Tousled Shoulder Length Wig

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    Beautiful wig, beautiful hair!! I received so many compliments!! I am so so glad I ordered this!! I recommend!

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  • Beautiful , (24acorn OH)

    I havent warn yet. An impulse purchase for sure. Looks so real. With my hand disability I have trouble getting it on properly. Hopefully I will use it.

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  • Looks Good, (Neetna WA)

    They did a good job on the dark brown color of this wig. I bought it to see what it would look like on me. It looks nice on me and I could pull it back into a small pony tail at nape of my neck & it looked like an expensive updo! It did come with a hair net & a wig cap too! It does have adjustment tabs on inside & is breathable on.I hope this helps someone with dark brown hair decide to try it. This would make a good wig for someone going through chemo therapy.

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  • Lovely Wig, (llp5858 MI)

    This wig is very well made and loved it on the model but not so much on me. Ended up returning. Will definitely try another style. I usually wear bangs and didn't like the look on me without bangs, not a fan of my forehead.

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  • Great looking, very youthful , (Kirlik CT)

    I was lucky enough to be the last person to get this wig in the rooted light blonde. Curls are amazing , price is good, fits great, not hot, I like it behind my ears with hoop earrings ( also fake as I dont have pierced ears) So easy to put on when having a bad hair day!

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  • Fabulous!, (carol2t TX)

    This is the look I have always wanted, as my own hair is straight and thin. It took a few trials to get it fitted correctly on my head, so that it looked more natural. The curls are a touch massive, but I can pin some back or have my hair dresser modify it a bit. Have had compliments when I have worn it. Great!!

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  • Gabor wig long curly, (HarleyGal1950 IL)

    I received the long curly wig the other and I LOVE it!!! It looks natural and have had several women tell me they love my hair. I am 73 yrs young and still wear my natural hair below the shoulder so I ordered the long curly one and so happy I did ... I honestly look like I am in my late 50's when I put it on and being I am in good shape for 73 (exercise a lot) it just added to my happiness . I want to order another on but will have to call HSN for I don't know if any are available. I LOVE it

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  • 5+ star review, (Coconut17 MI)

    Ordered 2, normal hair is brunette and wanted something new. Have worn hair pieces for years so a wig was a whole nother level for me. There is a slight learning curve but once figured out not too difficult. Wore to a baby shower and my hair stylist was there, she was annoyed, reminded her of previous conversation about changing hair and the warnings she gave and that I would maybe try a wig, she didn't realize I was wearing a wig and thought I had gone to another salon, that's how good it is!

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  • Husband hated it on me., (toenails NC)

    This wig was going to be my go to wig for last minute hair. It actually was a nice wig. It did look wiggy and was not a good fit for a large head.I returned it next day.

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  • Very realistic, (zukiboy117 NY)

    Just delivered today and I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! Please bring it back ASAP and make it in color BROWN/GRAY and I will purchase it again. Very happy with this style.

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  • Out the door, (OldFox1 AZ)

    Love this wig, very flattering and doesnt look like a wig. Its a winner! Speeds up getting ready to leave the house!

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  • Gabor blond, (laura409 CA)

    Got many compliments. Nobody noticed that its wig. Thank you

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  • Motivation, (Flygirl91 WI)

    Best Gabor Wig yetI have long straight light blonde hair. Always wanted red hair and curls.Now I have BOTH!Was afraid o dye my light hair red. So glad I got a light Red wig that looks so natural.

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  • I fell in love with it !!!, (Shisits MI)

    I ordered the medium blonde. I didnt like the dark roots, but I cut some bangs and I love it. I get so many compliments.. it looks cute with a headband or you can even clip it in the back. Give it a chance, you will love it.

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  • Liked but returned, (Elanc PA)

    Like the quality of Gabor wigs but the long styles are not for me. Returned two long styles. Was disappointed that I could not exchange for two short styles.

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