G by Giuliana Black Label Desert Rider EcoChic Denim Fringe Jacket

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    so I knew from other reviews that the fringe was going to be awful & like paper. I thought i could take to a leather place and get real suede fringe put on. But didn't even get that far, b/c the cut was so off, there was waaay too much material bunched up at back of arm where it met the yoke..right where the fringe & embroidery would direct your eye to look! what kind of alien female fit model did they use ? really too bad, as the embroidery was very nice. expect way better from G black label

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  • Fringe, (button31 CA)

    Low quality fringe. What a shame. Everything else was very nice. Sending back.

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  • Nope, (marybrooke CA)

    Not sure how this can be "Black Label". Jacket runs large and is very boxy. The fringe feels like it's made out of paper!

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