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  • It just didn't work., (Tommy224 GA)

    I tried the friendly Flora and it didn't work. So I thought it give the Ultimate Friendly Flora a try and again no affect. I cannot endorse this product. I returned it. It just didn't work for me.

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  • Disappointed, (Singjo MI)

    The contents become solid. I love Andrew Lessman products and was so surprised to see this happen to my capsules - they become tablets.

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  • Made me sick, waste of money, (lorac27 AZ)

    Ok, I "drank the kool-aide" so to speak on this one, folks. Shame on me, I wasted money buying and using this daily over several months, all the while suffering cramps, gas, bloating, pain, constipation, and every other yucky digestive issue out there on a near-DAILY basis. Funny, I never had these issues BEFORE I took this junk and golly, it went away as soon as I wised-up and ditched this product. I can't believe I was so dumb and believed the hype about this stuff. I've used probiotics for years before- Florastore is excellent and highly recommended- never had any issues, certainly nothing like the agony this junk caused me. I eat clean, avoid processed/junk foods and don't have any major health issues. Stupidly, I thought, "Oh, it must really be cleansing my system" when all the trouble started. It was only when I finally ran-out of this and switched to another brand that all the pain and misery stopped. Oh, and mine arrived all dried-out, too. I think this product must be seriou

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  • first of Andrew's products I don't like, (cbnj17 NJ)

    This product makes you extremely bloated, gassy and uncomfortable. I gave it 2 weeks and still feel horrible after taking this product. I use many of Andrew's products. This is the first that is going back.

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  • hardened and shrank, (alyboy NY)

    I noticed that the ingredients inside the capsule have shrunk. I opened one up and sure enough, it was hard as a rock, no longer powder form. I put it in water to see if it would come apart but it took a lot of swishing the water for it to start to disintergrate. Obviously, I will have to rethink my purchases of this product in the future and go with a different probiotic

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  • If you don't have digestion issues don't use , (DaejhaMilan NV)

    Made me constipated after taking it for 2 days. I quit immediately and sent them to a friend. This is clearly for those who have digestion issues. I highly suggest Andrew Lessman's other vitamins though. This one was just not for me.

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  • Disappointed, (JanePierro NC)

    These capsules were hard on my intestinal area. I only took one each day and have to say they did not work for me. I mailed them back today. They seemed to be to strong for me.

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  • Does nothing for me!, (Keltec PA)

    Does nothing for me! Waste of money.Dissapointed with my results.

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  • CONSTIPATED BY IT !!, (Anonymous933 CA)

    Since I began taking these capsules, 1 a day, I have been so constipated that I have had no bowel movements. I am now drinking mineral oil by the gulpfulls trying to get the matter to move. I only bought the smallest bottle. I will take NO MORE. Is it cost effective to return? Not really. Very disappointed in this. I was hoping it would help out with more movements, but it did EXACTLY the opposite. Man!

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  • Beware, (curlyhead MI)

    This product gives me serious gastric distress the day after taking a capsule which lasts for 3 days. I am sending it back. I am not sure why these are so popular. Either I have a very unusual gut or people don't mind being all cramped up and living in their bathroom.

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  • Just wasn't for me, (DebMA MA)

    I have been on a search for a product that these capsules were supposed to do and I guess I am in the minority as they did nothing. I started with one cap then increased as I went along thinking eventually I would have results. Unfortunately, no results and finally had to return!

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  • Can not tell a difference, (ChefCyndee TX)

    I have been taking and honestly I do not think there has been any benefit to me. I think I'll keep with my other brand.

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  • Disappointed!!!, (ajol FL)

    This product t did nothing for me. I am so disappointed as the way it was touted on TV thought it'd help my constipation. Also bought Andrew's fiber product to take along with it and that too did not produce any results. Plan to return as maybe I got an expired /not good batch?

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  • Not so much, (mmmy48 MD)

    Unfortunately this supplement made both my son and I sick after only taking it for a few day. We had to stop using the product.

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  • cant use this., (jasonp1978 NJ)

    i cant use this I wanted to love it. I have both products ultimate friendly flora and friendly flora. the ultimate flora too much lactobacillus. I had a averse reactions had a use an inhaler. I take vitamin b12, vitamin d and im looking forward when your on again Andrew.

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