FixMeStick Gold Lifetime Computer Virus Removal for 3 PCs or Macs

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  • bubbysgma75, (Bubbysgma8 OH)

    Fix Me Stick did exactly what it said it would do. Not hard to install. I am 75 and I did it ! I highly recommend this item, my computer is fast now, with no virises. Great but !

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  • Works Well With Viper, (CamJordan MD)

    This prodduct fills in for the few items that Viper misses. I have been using it for years. Bought a new computer and needed another license. Well worth the investment.

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  • In Fix We Trust, (CMDRAL VA)

    Of all the Fix me Sticks I have this one seems to pick up more bad from my computer than any other. It does what it is supposed to do, get rid of bad things from my computer and possibly speed it up if it can. Fix Me Stick is a must but wish it was not necessary.

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  • Killed it, (diddy29 NY)

    FixMe Stick took care of the virus in my husbands computer..easy to use, believe me, if I can do it, so can you.

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  • Fix, (hibar13 NV)

    This worked great and the people in the help center were awesome. I would recommend this product for anyone with a computer. The help center spoke english so they were easy to understand and were very delightful.

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  • great product, (debby44 CA)

    This product is amazing. Fixed my computer... and now all is working great

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  • Great Deal, (viksrule WI)

    It did everything that they said it would do. With as old this laptop is and all the junk that I have on it, it cleaned and removed a lot of things that I would have not known where on there. It showed the list of everything that was removed. It was almost 3 pages. Now I'm going to try it on my new laptop that is about 4 months old can't wait to see what I have on that one. Thanks this laptop runs so much faster.

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  • Good value, (Fly_by_night CA)

    Even though I consider FixMeStick to be a good value, it didn't find any threats (viruses or malware) on the first scan of my desktop computer. This is good! I attribute this to other anti-virus software the I had installed on my desktop. Perhaps in the future when additional scans are run with FixMeStick, it will detect, find and eradicate any threats that are not handled by the anti-virus software that I have in addition to FixMeStiick.

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  • love it, (darisa MA)

    used this on my old desktop computer it works fast just like before. I love this fixme stick

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  • Saved the day!, (wharpspeed MI)

    It works. My kids are picking up viruses about every month on their computers. Rather than buying a new computer, I decided to buy a fix me stick and see if it would save the day. Fix me stick saved the day on my kids computers. Thanks Hsn and Fix me stick.

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  • Manic maker, (Cheesr7 TX)

    We had a dinosaur of a computer ready for the curb. Gave fix me a try and what a surprise. It ran for over 12 hours and found and cleaned 6 viruses and I cant believe we have a usable desktop now. Runs faster and boots up like a new machine.Would recommend,dont hesitate. Easy to use

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  • Clean up made simple, (Cornflakegirl AZ)

    Just as advertised. Plug it in, tell it when and where and a few hours later your computer is moving faster and you have no more worries.

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  • Worked on my Mac!, (off2thespa MD)

    I got it for my 4 year old mac that had a bug last week, but I wanted to make sure it was gone. FixMeStick found a few issues that I also deleted. It has been running great ever since. I called tech support for my Mac from 2006 and she was so patient. We tried everything but the system was just too old. Great support.

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  • IT WORKS!!!, (christy231 FL)

    MY 8 year old Gateway was ready for Gateway Heaven so I thought let me give this a try.....first it was quite easy for a non techy person....follow directions and you're there. So happy with the results - no more freezing on me

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  • Clean up items , (musicnbooze CA)

    Ran my antivirus and then my malware. After both were done I ran fix me stick and it found multiple items that still on my computer. Highly recommended this to everyone.

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