Fitbit Versa 3 Activity Tracker with GPS

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  • Know what Im doing, (sMMARTYPANTS2U2 CA)

    Great watch- yesEasy to read display-yesDisplays weatherDisplays stepsDisplays date and dayCan set alarms -easyHeart rateWho could ask for more? Thank u HSN!

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  • Looks nice, (smile211 MS)

    I love it does everything I need it to do

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  • Worst purchase ever., (Fitnessmom DE)

    It would not connect to my bluetooth on my phones or tablet. The wifi would not connect. It stopped counting my steps. Worst product ever!!!

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  • my Versa3, (ponitail69 WV)

    doeNot happy does not keep my phone attached to it

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  • Not , (fredh36fh AZ)

    Not satisfied with the unit can't get it to synchronize or with all the functions

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  • Great Gift Idea, (LD57 GA)

    It is very wearable and definitely an upgrade from my last one. Limited instructions from manufacturer on all the features. Love find my phone option. Very good purchase

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  • Love my fitbit, (babyk8 PA)

    Never had a smart watch before this one. I got it because I am waking up tired & wanted to see what kind if sleep I am getting. This did the job it showed me I am not getting barely any rem or deep sleep. So I am working on figuring out how to get more deep & rem sleep.

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  • Way too complicated for this old girl..., (KatyOK OK)

    Returned. 1. Complicated. 2. Many of the features i wanted were "premium " and required additional monies. HSN, WHY can't we post a review as soon as we get an item we don't like?

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  • Not what I expected, (husky93657 CA)

    I was excited to get the most recent model of FitBit watch. Once I received it I had problems from the start. It was a pain to do the set up. I couldn't get it to connect with my phone. I tried to complete the set up, but no luck. Getting the screen to turn on is a pain. The screen size is so small, hard to read.

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  • Ok , (annie102563 MD)

    I had to send back because the gps and controls would not connect to my phone! Very frustrating so now I have to wait for them to send me a new one

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  • Fitbit Versa, (Josaco63 CA)

    returned once, I got a new one and bad again, now, HSN is asking me to deal with 3Rd vendor for warranty.

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  • Save yourself money and buy Versa 1, (daca FL)

    I purchased Versa 3 to replace my worn out Versa 1. HSN video is misleading in several aspects. Yes, stays charged for 6-7 days but NOT if you choose the Always On option (2-3 days), if you use Alexa, or set up a lot of the same features available on Versa 1. The band might be comfortable for many, but the small was too tight, and the large had too much excess band that folds under the band. This makes it feel uncomfortable, and is awkward to place on & remove. I ordered the buckle one to replac

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  • DO NOT PURCHASE , (ainezd TX)

    The item may have been great but the purchase and return experience with HSN is horrible. You are dealing with a third party vendor and must return to them with no guarantees of acceptance and refund. No label provided just verbal address given over the phone. Never again. Purchase from Amazon, Best Buy, or Macys.

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  • Love it , (AntW MI)

    I have to say I really enjoy my Fitbit watch this is my first watch so I'm not like everybody else that had every single version of Fitbit watches so I'm not like super critical of this watch but I can tell you that my experience with this watch is pleasing The watch can receive phone calls you can reply texts check the weather track your sleep habits and the most important thing track your steps and heart rate throughout the day.

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  • A Nice Update But..., (McNickname CO)

    Major fan of Fitbit. Definitely am enjoying this watch. Its comfortable, easy to use, the GPS is a great feature, the design is stylish; the display, crisp. Disappointed that it does not, in fact, only take 12 minutes to charge (more like an hour) and the battery life is barely three days unlike the six advertised. The infinity watch band is an adjustment but not terrible. Still, I love this watch.

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