Fitbit Versa 2 Fitness & Wellness Smartwatch

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  • Good Product, (DSundiego CA)

    I liked this smart watch as far as what information it provided, but I have found I just cant wear it because I have very small, skinny wrists, and it just wasnt a comfortable feeling watch. Returned.

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  • Hopefully a life saver, (kelly84010 UT)

    I ordered this watch immediately after finding my sister had a heart attack.. I hope it will help keep her heart rate blood pressure etc. She loves it.

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  • Fitbit Versa 2 , (Missy758 VA)

    I wear mine every day! It has helped me with my steps and keep track of my sleep. I have worn it every day since I purchased it. I then bought one for my husband who has had a stroke so I can keep track of his steps ! He needs to stay active and this is perfect ! I also bought one for my mom who is 85 and she loves it as a watch but I use it also to see how active she is and then I see how I can help her get in more activity ! To me a must have !

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  • Love , (DD021075 WV)

    This was a upgrade from an older Fitbit. It has everything that I need and I use it daily. Would definitely purchase another,

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  • Super, (Pixie1967 IA)

    I love this watch! Keeps me on track with everything! Definitely would buy again!

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  • Love It!!!, (libero9 OR)

    My Fitbit Versa 2 is exactly as advertised and expected. It is easy to program using the app and keeps track of everything I need to know including my calendar and the weather. It was a great buy and would buy it again or recommend it to my friends.

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  • Luv Fitbit, (MJ-SC-57 SC)

    My family loves our Fitbits. I have bought 6 so far. I have purchased them for gifts for me and my sister's and niece ranging ages 60 to 83. My niece and I have the Versa 2. A!I of us are addicted to our Fitbits. They keep us moving! We will up grade occasionally and pass out old ones to other family members.

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  • Love it!, (Missp635 CA)

    I didnt want to spend the money on an expensive smart watch like the Apple Watch as I am not sure in need all of those features. And my instincts were spot on. This is exactly what I need. Just the right information. I track my steps I can read messages but I dont need to speak into my wrist. I am happy with this purchase and I may get funky with it and invest in different bands!

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  • Upgrade from Charge, (flip1969 AL)

    I bought this to replace my Charge 3. It is awesome! It does so much more stuff! I absolutely love the large face. I wasn't sure I would because I am a big girl lol. I barely even know it is there.

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  • Lovin' this watch, (lightningt NM)

    I've had a few other kinds of fitness watches and this one is my favorite. Comfortable and has been a joy watching my progress. I got the grey and it's a very pretty color. I don't need a fancy watch and it does everything I want it to do.

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  • Fabulous Purchase, (FashionGirl783 MI)

    I can't think of anything I don't like about this smartwatch. Every time I put this on my wrist, I get excited and am encouraged to move and/or workout. This watch has everything that I need, and it's comfortable. I use it mostly for my walking. Recently, when I reached my goal of 10,000 steps, my watch celebrated that achievement.

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  • Love Fitbit , (Jdclay89 TN)

    I love my fitbit verse 2. I had the Luxe and decide that I want a smart /fitness watch. Did some research and the Verse 2 was a great choice for budget smart watch. Love it and would recommend it.

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  • Fitbit Versa 2, (Blessed139 AR)

    So pleased. Works great. Would buy again. Hard to change bands, so keep pink band on all time.

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    I had a Fitbit Charge 3 for years. I wasn't sure I would like the Versa 2 as much. It has everything I want in a smartwatch. I love the large face. and the colorful display. Works great with my android phone. A great product.

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  • Woods71 , (gram71shop OR)

    Upgraded to this watch so easy to read,great information. So easy to set up. this watch

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