Fitbit Charge 6 Advanced Activity and Fitness Tracker

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  • Love!, (lizzie321 LA)

    Everything I was looking for in a fitness watch.

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  • Battery life not accurate, (susie126718 FL)

    Have been a fitbitter for 10+ years and I know what drains a battery. Ive turned off gps and all day screen etc and I cant get more than 4 days with my battery. Fitbit says up to 7 days so I must have a bad one. I had a charge 5 and I did get 7 days with the battery. Hate to return it

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  • Difficult to Setup , (Flower6 CA)

    Got this today. I was excited to get it as I am upgrading from a charge 5. First off it was not easy trying to set it up. I had to reload the Fitbit app. as it is now in Google. Finally got it setup then I tried to change the clock face and that was terrible. It kept telling me I had to subscribe to premium to get a different clock face. The default was awful and did not show the steps or the date and time. I am returning it. It should not be that hard.

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