Fancy Panz Set of 2 Serving Trays

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  • Fan of the Panz, (ChampagneJune CT)

    Long overdue respect for the extremely under appreciated and highly overused foil pan! Form and functionality in abundance with these simply brilliant serving and storing trays! Actually including the foil pans is a bonus! For sharing the gift of food, at home and away, I am a fan of the Fancy Panz!

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  • Love!, (Helen9656 KS)

    These look nice, always get compliments. Being able to see through and still have the dish cover is a big plus. Also comes with serving spoon

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  • excellent product!, (ColtCT CO)

    Quality is great in this unique product. I often bring sides or desserts to special occasions and this is perfect. The lid stays tightly closed and can be used for hot foods, sides, salads, chips, etc., and away you go.

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  • Very Handy, (Jem11 NY)

    These trays are great . They are very convenient and when youre done,nothing to clean. Just throw the inside pan away & just wipe the trays out. I recommend them.

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  • Bad, (Bird531 MD)

    This item came broken

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  • Wont snap close, (Itsahit IN)

    The kids will not snap closed- returning for exchanges- they traveled perfectly other than having to taped the lids closed.

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  • Im so fancy , (Dmom4you MO)

    I bought these for the holidays when I have to take things to family house. Everyone loves them and tries to keep them. Great even at home for outdoor gathering. Great overall with Covid its keep everything coves at all times. I get nothing but compliments.

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  • GREAT IDEA!!, (Twin60 IL)

    I ordered this pan because I am baking cookies all of time. I have a cookie business and I make cookies for events. This pan is very convenient, you can keep your cookies secure when traveling to events. You will not have broken cookies when you get to your event. What a great idea!!!

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  • Genius, (ZIPSTER NJ)

    This is a great invention. Replacement pans are found at any retail store. The removable plastic lids make serving a breeze and it comes with the scoops! Whether transporting food or serving at home, makes life so much easier. So happy. Thank you.

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  • Awesome, (tk0512 NY)

    Love these. Great idea!

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  • Great product , (renova NJ)

    These pans are great I luv them , put a whole new spin on out door dining, keeping your food covered. Hope they are working on full size pans , that will be amazing, I will be buying more.

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  • Came Broken, (RNof4 VA)

    The top on one came broken. The other was loose.

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  • The good stuff, (LinRN1 NJ)

    Gonna load them up for the Superbowl...they do seem pretty sturdy.

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  • Damaged and poor construction , (Romeo2017 MO)

    They arrived Damaged, sent back

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  • Good idea.....but, (Tazzygirl GA)

    Lid would not stay closed. Once removed, the clear lid would not snap back in place

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