Evening Primrose with Black Currant Seed Oil - 360 Capsules

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  • PEACE of MIND, (Marie_M MD)

    I use many of Andrew Lessman vitamins, this one I can't live without. It helps calm my racing and worrying thoughts at night. I sleep much better and wake up feeling better the next day.

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  • Miracle in a bottle , (CRISS1003 DE)

    I read an article where the person said she took evening primrose oil along with another supplement to help clear her acne. Well, Ive struggled all my 56 years with acne and many dermatologists, but nothing seemed to work. After taking this product for two months my cystic acne is much more under control. Im keeping my cabinet stocked with this miracle product. Just try it!

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  • Great product! , (Tpkedr5 VA)

    This worked really well for me and really helped with my hot flashes!

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  • Evening Primrose , (ceci181818 CA)

    I've been taking this for hot flashes for about a couple weeks one in the am and one at night I have noticed less hot flashes i also take Andrew's women's wellness so I think these two together are a good thing so still will continue to see if this Primrose will take them away completely because having hot flashes is awful a heat wave just hits you with no warning nothing cool about it. THANK YOU MR ANDREW LESSMAN FOR SUCH GREAT SUPPLEMENTS !!!

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  • Cannot live without, (OMyLuvStyle3355 VA)

    I have suffered from feminine issues for years. off and on prescription meds, the side effect and what not. A year ago a friend mentioned why don't I try Evening Primrose. Since I have been on Andrews vitamins and cannot live without his prenatals and the womens multi. I decided to give this a try. Can I say "you are a life saver, Andrew." I can't recall the last time I felt this normal. I feel emotionally stable, less ups and downs, minimal pms & more regularity. Just a happier ME! THX Andrew

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  • Unsure?, (Mick48 TN)

    Hmmm. I have used these in the past with great results. Hence the 4 stars. This last bottle I ordered have a rancid smell. The date is still good but Ive never noticed this awful smell before. Im afraid to take them. Anyone else experience this? Its bad....

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  • So Thankful!, (Madhunt NC)

    I have taken Andrew's vitamins for years so when menopause came knocking I wanted to give these a try to hopefully avoid taking a synthetic. I can not live without them! Taken daily, I have no hot flashes/night sweats, moodiness is much better and I just feel good in my own skin moving through this change. Thank you, thank you, thank you Andrew!

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  • Lessmans Evening Primrose Oil, (NYScottie AK)

    This brand, Andrew Lessmans, of Evening Primrose Oil appears to work the same as my previous brand. I took the other brand for about 25 years. These are a little more expensive but I dont mind at all because theyre made in America.

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  • Excellent , (Tbear61 CA)

    These are fantastic! Only ones I use. No after taste

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  • love, (mickey233 FL)

    This and another one helps me with pain in the brests. Nothing serioud but givrd comfort when needed.

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  • omega 6, (hiskatwoman CA)

    I cannot have omega 6, They are not a good fat for me. Found in red meats, that I am to limit. I have been feeling very bloated since taking this.

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  • Excellent , (maggie571 IN)

    This has helped with hot flashes. So nice to be able to take something natural instead of anti depressants my doctor prescribed. Thank you Andrew

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  • WOW PRODUCT, (Rondalhyn HI)

    This a WOW! I tried it to help with mood issues and noticed it made a difference. I also gave some to my sister who suffers from severe cramps, so severe she cannot move and wants an epidural. She tried and to our amazement she doesn't suffer with cramping. It's almost non-existent. I will not go without this and now she won't either. I ran out and I noticed such a major difference. Highly recommend.

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  • Its Ok, (Gymgurl2011 OH)

    Ive only been taking these for one week. I see some difference but still have horrible night sweats and hot flashes up to 5 times a day. I ordered the Ulimate Womans supplement to see if this helps. Ive taken Andrews vitamins for a few years. They do make a BIG difference. Fingers crossed.

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  • Love, (MSCOTT FL)

    This has tremendously helped with PMS for me personally. Thank you!

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