Elizabeth Arden White Tea Hand Cream

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  • Yum, (valb8 IL)

    This is such a great scent and goes on light and smooth. Bought this smaller one to take on vacation with me. You can't go wrong with this one!

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  • Love it!!, (Sandee4768 CA)

    I love the scent of of this cream! I ordered a body cream and tollite water!!Why is there no ODP sold?

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  • Wonderful Hand Cream, (PATI327 AZ)

    As with my review on the Cologne and Body Cream, this is my new favorite fragrance to wear. Have received many many compliments on how good I smell and they want to know the name of what I am wearing so, of course, I tell them and I tell them where I got it.

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  • Great hand cream, (Jazabell TX)

    I love this product. The scent is light and dreamy. It really nourishes my hands. Wish the size was larger , but this fits great in purse. Need to get the fragrance now. Really love it!

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  • Lovely, (MsV11 MS)

    Beautiful scent, moisturizing.. Love this hand cream!

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  • The perfect hand cream, (Lyn17 NJ)

    This is the perfect size hand cream for my bag. I love the new White Tea fragrance and given how much I use hand cream, when I saw it, I had to buy it. Of course it smells great, is non-greasy, and moisturizers my dry skin.....smile.

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  • Small, (Jessie564 PA)

    Beautiful smell, but beware it is Very expensive, & it is the size of a sample, I won't buy this again. It is a shame, but there are other hand creams out there. Sorry

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  • disappointed, (junkmail405 PA)

    not sure what I expected I was disappointed in the size of the product for the price. I know 1 oz is not a large size. The product smells great but the size received is on the smaller size like get when you receive sample. If you like the fragrance go for the multiple products offered in a feature. Will keep it because it costs too much to send back. I gave three stars because the hand cream works and smells great, just not thrilled with the sample size of product

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  • Maybe, (buddysmom FL)

    Loved the scent and the cream but as other reviews stated, it's a sample size. HSN has a couple of other brands that are every bit as good and priced a lot better.

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  • Sample?, (Burn6 FL)

    Sample size only - should have been included for free with another product.

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  • April Fools Joke in JULY? REALLY HSN?, (WhispersToPonys FL)

    The size of this is ridiculously SMALL, a 4 use tube. Price dropped 5.00 just after I bought! And I am going to spend 6.00 to return it? NOT! I feel SCAMMED. This should be a gift with another product. The scent is ok, meh, can get better cheaper and more at BnBW. not near as BAD as their other White Tea products which will trigger ashma in everyone and arrive in a room 3 hours before you do. DO NOT BUY, DO NOT BUY! You've been warned, this is just PURE GREED!

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