Elite Cuisine .8Cu. Ft. Toaster Oven with Rotisserie

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  • Five star , (Msola1 CA)

    This is my first time having a toaster oven and I will enjoy it. Thank you HSN.

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  • Really nice, (dell599 TX)

    Comes in handy for smaller meals, toast, pizza etc...

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  • Fabulous , (Lenny75 GA)

    Just cooked a fish, fries and hush puppies dinner in it. My Friend and I Loved the results.

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  • Llw, (JAJLLW TX)

    Terrific oven

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  • Very pleased with this purchase., (marnewk2 NY)

    I purchased one for my sister who has a large family and had the exact same oven for approximately 6 years. They used this almost every day. She was very pleased with the product..I came back and order one for myself and am very pleased as well.

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  • Nice Tabletop Oven, (nita23 IN)

    Received it today.Out of the box ,and functioning, in a matter of minutes.Heats well and evenly.

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  • Love it!!!!, (jacquie1129 NY)

    I only used it a couple of times but I have no complaints. I'm looking forward to baking.

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  • Wonderful Substitute, (YorkRd77 MD)

    This oven can to what my conventional stove oven does. It is roomy, heat quickly and evenly. More setting options than other toaster ovens I've tried. The glass oven door allows to see easily monitor what's "cooking". Have not used the rotisserie yet.

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  • great, (kalex21 CA)

    bought it for my daughter and her husband they love it!!!

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  • Dinners ready, (FoxyCleopapra GA)

    Cooks meats really well. Oven is nice and heavy duty. I really appreciate this oven.

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  • Nice, (Krluz035 CA)

    Really love this. Small and big in cooking

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  • Great Product, (MustangGirl6429 FL)

    Energy saver, I use this all the time instead of my big oven. Love it

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  • Love!, (susaberg1962 ID)

    I am so glad I got this! I live alone, so heating up the huge oven was a waste of energy.....I use this all the time now, and only used my big oven once since getting it for muffins....guess I should have tried them in this one...will next time!

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  • sharontooo, (sharon7638 FL)

    bought it for my camper have baked cake and cooked mac and cheese and alot of things very worth it

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  • Great little oven., (sherry123456 IN)

    Since receiving my oven I have only used my large oven once. I love the fact I don't have to heat up the kitchen. I can't comment on the rotisserie have not used that yet. As stated on another review I do see the temperature numbers are slightly fading, other than that it's GREAT.

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