Efficient-C Mixed Berry - 30 Packets

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  • Refreshing, (Annies2 WA)

    I was initially hesitant about ordering yet another vitamin drink but I have to say I am officially addicted to this one! Taste is great! (I do use ice and a little more water than suggested.) It is my early afternoon pick-me-up! It gives me a little energy boost without the jitters. I appreciate the convenience of the packets that I can carry in my purse and pop in a bottle or cup of water when traveling or out and about doing errands.

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  • Excellent Drink Mix, (crm549 SC)

    This is an excellent drink mix. The flavor is great tasting and it mixes well.I like making a pitcher of it so it is always ready to go.My only complaint about it are the packages. I wish it came in a container where I could just scoop it out as oppose to tearing opening the packages (which can be time consuming) when I am making a large pitcher of it.But other than that, Efficient C is definitely a winner.

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  • Just Fantastic!!, (SHERRYCOMET11368 CT)

    This is so delicious! This is my favorite and use it every morning with Andrews collagen. The taste is just so good. I love the mixed berry!!! Andrew's products are just so amazing. We are so lucky to have him in our life!

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  • Blinger, (blingerbebe MO)

    I use this poduct every day all day. It would be very handy to have it in a container where you can scoop out what you want.

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  • LOVE this!, (BOOGINS NY)

    Andrew please keep making this product it is wonderful! I keep packs with me and use at restaurants for my water, being i cant have caffine it gives me a good alternative to just plain water. Love the cranberry one too!

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  • Here's another FIVE star for you!, (SweetJamLin NM)

    This stuff is great. It is my "go-to" beverage! There may be 10 different drinks in my refrigerator including juice, flavored water, coffee/cappuccino cans, other "energy"/vitamin waters but after almost 2 months I am still drinking EFFICIENT C and enjoying it very much. It's smooth and refreshing and the mixed berry flavor is natural tasting. In the long run, these packets are a great deal compared to what you may pay. When I am finished with these 180 packets I will buy more! Thank you!

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  • Very good , (jazz699 CA)

    This is very good and I love the Cranberry. Would like to see more variety flavors,Thank you Andrew, please do a Today Special Value on these.

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  • Tastes good !, (dollygirl1122 NY)

    I love these packets as you can throw them in your purse with no added weight or bulk. The taste is excellent and I use half a packet in a water bottle that i take to the gym for hydration and it tastes perfect. I use half a packet as I water down everything, personal preference.

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  • Love , (oldfarmdog IA)

    Flavor-yes!Dissolves well-yes!Health Benefits - yes!Price- hurts these daysI wont miss ordering next special.

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  • Perfect for the afternoon , (MaryNboston MA)

    Purchased both flavors and I am sold, taste is delicious and flavorful. Love the benefits and feel energized. Will keep ordering this product because it crosses of some of this benefits I need as I get order and need the extra energy to get throw a day

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  • Delicious!, (Ginger4792 AR)

    These drinks are SOOOO good. My favorite flavor is the cranberry, but the Mixed Berry is delicious too (just a little sweeter thank cranberry). I also love that they are in little individual packets and there are no little scoops or loose powder to deal with. They travel very nicely.

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  • Efficient c mixed berry, (missy2tigger3 VA)

    My husband an I bought this. We love Andrews products. This adds one more healthy product. I bought it for the Billberry. My eyes are not that great. We drink this every day I drink it twice a day.

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  • See review , (wellbred NY)

    I like drinking some of my supplements so this is great for me. The taste is great. I got the fruit one. Plus being it's Andrew's u know it's the best out there

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  • Boost of energy, (grammylor CA)

    Enjoying this new, healthy way to hydrate and the a.m. boost of energy. Love the berry taste.

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  • Delicious, (Liliy202 FL)

    Delicious. I like the cranberry one better, so, I mix both. They dissolve easily.My grandson also loves the taste.Thank you Andrew

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