EcoFlow Tech RIVER Mobile Power Station Travel Bundle

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  • Perfect machine..., (ISSS NY)

    Haven't really used it yet, but i think it will definitely serve it's purpose. So far i love it, nice and clean looking. Love it!!!

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  • My days just got better!!!, (Fermango NJ)

    When they said power in your hands. They really meant it, just thinking about the light going out was worrisome. Now with my River portable power pack being prepared is everything. Since purchasing this item I've used it everyday came in very handy. Camping, charging cell phones and last but not least. My daughter has asthma, I was always afraid to go out on day trip concern she may have an attack. But now with my River and her nebulizer we go everywhere.P.S. Thanks for the memories!

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  • Soooo Happy , (nothappy1234 FL)

    So happy you cannot put a price tag on having access to power living in Florida has been a true test of time thank you thank you thank you I have peace of mind with this mobile unit..

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  • Amazing, (rjinsac CA)

    I love this, so high tech, and with the solar charging, I can go anywhere there is sun and have power..

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  • Great product , (judycee CA)

    I am so happy with this purchase. I feel so secure knowing if we have a power outage we have back-up. It is simple to use and light weight enough to carry around. We are having a lightening storm right now. If we loose power Im ready!!!

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  • Easy pesy, (ron269 AL)


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  • No more storm anxiety, (Fotene FL)

    I am happy that I no longer have to worry about a generator running out of gas in the middle of the night. I thought I was prepared for Irma only to find out I wasn't as prepared as I thought.

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  • Power Station, (Tmaze1 GA)

    The unit came packaged very well. The unit charged up as projected. Haven't had a power outage yet but I did try it on the refrigerator and it worked well. This is a good product for older people who don't have the strength to pull a rope on a manual generator.

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  • Worked fine, (Vicg2 NJ)

    Only used it once, and it seemed to work fine , and did what it was supposed to do.

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  • EcoFlow Mobile Power, (DCOne FL)

    This was a no-brainer purchase for me. I have previously owned two other brands of mobile power, and this is by far the best. I like that it is sleek, compact, and it came with a cover. It also gives you two AC outlets with a ground prong. Many only give you one and it's not grounded. I will not go into all the features, you can read them for yourself. If you're looking for mobile power, you can't go wrong with EcoFlow.

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  • Grateful To Have Bought This !, (LeeAnnfromNC NC)

    This looked like a good idea when I saw it so I decided to buy it. Thank You So Much HSN ! I live in eastern NC, and we just survived a Hurricane Florence. We are still without electricity and it may be days or longer before our service is restored. Because of my RIVER I have been able to keep all of our phones and tablets charged along with our rechargeable lantern batteries ! The device is super easy to use and works very well. I am beyond thrilled to own this wonderful item.

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  • river mobile, (rox6rox6 MA)

    Mobile power case&cables and river mobile. Really work.

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  • A must have!, (tempoper OH)

    I couldnt wait for this to come, as a few days before it arrived, our electricity was off for five hours. No more sitting in the dark now. Thanks HSN for a good value so we could get it.

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  • Worked great!, (Hag1 TX)

    Just received River yesterday evening and plugged in to charge. Storm came through about 4:30 am and we lost power. I was able to plug in a fan and run for 2 hours until power came back on and it barely used any of the charge! I feel comforted that this small unit is available and portable when I need it! Just recently purchased vintage travel trailer and I will be taking it with me when I travel!

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  • Wow Wow Wow, (ccaj809 MD)

    This thing is amazing amazing and amazing. My lights were out for 2 days. I was able to plug in a small lamp with one of the LED low wattages light bulbs that I purchased from HSN & this thing ran beautiful. I just love it it... love it.... no more lights out LOL I bought two of these small generators.

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