EARTHWISE 18" Reel Push Mower with Grass Catcher

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  • works great, (SAMMIELU357 WA)

    really great for small yards, and people who dont like noise

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  • A mighty mower, (snickerz1 FL)

    Purchased this because I needed to cut my grass! We have used it several times now and our yard is looking a lot better. Makes my grass look really healthy. Very easy to use too.

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  • Hubby loves it!, (IzzyBeth OH)

    My hubby is environmentally conscious, he really loves that this doesn't put out any harsh fumes/smells, It's quiet, It takes up less room than our old gas push mower, WE WON'T HAVE TO BUY GAS FOR IT, and the lawn has never looked so good! You do have to pick up sticks, which is a downfall for some, however, I think it just encourages him to take more pride and better care of the lawn. He agrees. SO worth it!

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  • My new friend, (bostonfox VA)

    So happy I bought this, I have all the other monster garden mowers, sometimes I just want to mow a small area, this is perfect, so easy and works amazing.

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  • Question mark, (reader126 IN)

    My 18 year old grandson did not know what it was. I told him he was to use it to cut the lawn. He wanted to know where the motor was, and I told him he was it. He tried it and had a great time doing the yard.

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  • yay!!!, (maheglie OR)

    finally! light weight, sharp blades...with a sharpener! I really love it!

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  • Tough start, (sizyq66 KY)

    It takes some getting used to. Not as simple to push as shown unless your lawn is perfect to begin with. Must take first if you have a backyard full of small twigs. Constantly stop & go. I felt like I was vacuuming the lawn. Used it twice tho & really do love it!

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  • Good mower for small yards, (PitBullGrandma VA)

    Works fine for a small yard. Won't cut dandelions but cuts regular grass nicely as long as the grass isn't too high. I'm a 62 year old woman and it was easy for me to push. I'm happy with my purchase.

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  • Great small mower, (AliLoLoraine OH)

    This mower is great for a small yard. It is a did have a hard time with my grass as it was about 2 1/2 tall for the first cut of the season. It required lots of extra muscle. However, it breezes through shorter grass and the catcher is very handy. I would have liked the catcher to be bigger upon using it. It does not take up much space and I was able to find a video on how to sharpen the blades when it is time. I think this was a good choice!

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  • Not For Every Grass!, (JEFJEF CA)

    Did not wk. on our grass but they don't mention that on the video. Now I'm stuck with this mower because Hsn doesn't do easy return on a lot of items. I did not know this. I was giving an 1-800 number to call to see if they could send me a return lable but all you get is an answering machine saying you qualify mumbo jumbo. If I send it back it's gona cost a pretty penny. Not a happy camper. Hsn needs to make it clear that they don't offer easy return lables on everything.

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  • Never again Earthwise , (JenniferKay WA)

    My Earthwise push mower came without instructions and all of the bolts. I called twice and about a month later finally received some of the parts minus the instructions. I am so beyond furious! Our family will NEVER by anything by Earthwise again! Save yourself the trouble and aggravation.

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  • not worth the money, (catmama1 CO)

    Hard to assemble the handle. I tried to cut my new grass and it won't even budge in the thick grass. tried the weeds nope. And the size is too wide to use easily. wish I could send it back.

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  • Useless - Totally and Absolutely USELESS, (Yankabillygal FL)

    I will never buy another Earthwise product. This mower was completely useless. It wouldn't cut the grass at all - not one bit. The instructions are horrible & don't address all the necessary issues. The instructions for adjusting the blade protector were wrong. When I unpacked the mower and put it together the blades wouldn't turn. Cut my hands up trying to adjust the blades - blood everywhere! Don't waste your money on this product. I'm in Michigan - shipped while snow on the ground! 0 rating!

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  • Mower, (Feet123 FL)


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  • Extremely Disappointed, (specialk7777 IN)

    Was anxious to get this mower for the convenience of no gas required and would be quiet to mow in the mornings and not wake up my neighbors. But the 1st time I used it in the afternoon, I couldn't believe what it did to my lawn! The were lots of grass spots that I went over several times and they were still there. Looked like chunks of grass left. Would not cut the dandelions either! Very disappointed!! Sent back!! Buyer beware!

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