Earth Brite 3-pack 17.5 oz. Natural Clay All-Purpose Cleaning Kit

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  • It cleans but . . ., (TheNewMe5 NY)

    It surely cleans many types of dirts and scums but not completely on all real-life dirts and grimes. True household real-life dirts and grimes are 'real & different' from the 'advertised make-believe torch burned-on dirt and grime' demonstrated on pots and pans. Nonetheless, it works good, better, or best depending on the types of 'real-life' dirts, scams, or grimes. And sometimes there is a residual film. Would still recommend buying anyway.

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  • Like & dislike, (meeses2 NY)

    I like that this product last a long time. You dont need much. I like that it is a natural product and safe to use around small children and pets. However, I cleaned my stove with it & my stove forever has a weird milky film I cant get rid of. My sink shines nicely. So its not good on a lot of surfaces it claims to be good for. Test small area before cleaning whole surface.

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  • Earth Brite 3-pack, (thrifty73 NY)

    Received my Earth Brite,I used it right way.It cleans like you said,cleans so well that you dont have to use it every time because it helps to maintain your cleaning projects.This is absolutely best I have ever used.Thank you

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  • Messy cleaner , (steg IL)

    Left more water spots on my stainless steel appliances than before I used it. It advertised water would bead up but its worse

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  • GREAT PRODUCT, (MomRestored AL)

    Yes, it does take a little bit of elbow grease, BUT it delivers just as advertised. I love this product and am so glad that after watching it for many years finally ordered. My three tubs will last me FOREVER. It's fantastic on glass-top stoves, stainless steel, making your bakeware/cookware look new again, bathtubs, sinks, gets the scum right off and leaves a sheeting effect.

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  • don't like the film, (traveler36 NJ)

    I like that it does clean especially the grout in my shower but that positive is taken away by the film it leaves behind. IT takes longer to get rid of the white film then it does to clean. Will use it up but not re order

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  • Love this product, (BATTYCAT CA)

    I have been using this,get carried away using it for love scent and what it does w/o chemicals and abrasion.Hopefully it will be continued on HSN.

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  • Second Order!, (charger1 CA)

    How amazing it this! works for me everywhere I need to safely clean and it does an amazing job, especially in the shower and door!

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  • great, (jerry33 FL)

    works great

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  • Smell, (madness2 FL)

    THE BEST awesome product so far

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  • Can Never Be Without Earth Brite, (Slo825 OH)

    I have been using Earth Brite for a few years and took advantage of this 3pack deal. I use this on my stainless sink, glass stovetop, shower walls and removed hair dye stain on cabinet. It will clean burnt on boil overs on my stove with ease and keeps my stove looking new which is now almost 5yrs old. I will not be w/o this product. Keeps my sink looking new as well. Demos on air are truly accurate. Have shared this with friends and family. This will last a very long time - goes a long way.

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  • Good Stuff, (sashapoo801 IN)

    I have had stains in my bathtub that I could not get out. It removed them with little elbow grease. It did not take the burn off my glasstop stove that is why I did not give it 5 stars. Everything else it has cleaned beautifully.

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  • earth brite, (PSD56 WI)

    Waaaay overrated. On the TV presentations they are cleaning dirt or grease that was put there 5 minutes before, not something that's been there awhile. Any cleaning product will work just as well.

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  • Average cleaner, (JGSmooth FL)

    Maybe my stuff isn't so grimy. I could see a difference in stainless sink after really scrubbing hard. I didn't expect to have to scrub that hard. I probably should have sent it back but I missed the 30 return policy.

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    Fabulous product revives your stainless steel sink to new and protects and helps prevent friends and family thought I bought a new sink..I gifted part of my stash with them..Removes scuff marks on my laminate fence, no other products would. Perfect for soap skum in the shower and glass door.Remember to rinse thoroughly. I must always have this product in my home.

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