Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum with 7 Tools

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  • Dyson V11 Drive Cordless Vacuum , (Tinawebb MD)

    The Dyson vacuum is an excellent tool. I like that it is cordless, and that I can maneuver around, any way I want.

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  • Unhappy customer, (wbpf NY)

    I love my Dyson but am not happy with HSN. I purchased the vac from HSN for $549.99 before tax, less than a month ago. Today it is on sale at QVC for $499.98 before tax!

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  • Great vacuum! , (alysha16 FL)

    I had a Dyson from 2014 and decided to buy a new Dyson because the bottom piece to my 2014 vacuum broke . I got the pet Dyson 11 and it is awesome The suction on this vacuum is excellent. The container that you empty with all the dirt is awesome. You push it forward and it pushes everything out. You dont have to use a slim pencil to push it out like the old vacuums. This vacuum comes with tons of adaption pieces would definitely recommend this. Im hoping this will last as long as my other

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  • Glad I Bought This!, (Marcia01 OH)

    This was a bit more expensive than what I was used to spending on a vacuum cleaner. Let alone a cordless one. But to my surprise, its just really well made and works really well. So much less fuss, just to grab the vacuum and clean when needed without hauling out my other vacuum and plugging into the wall. Its a little bit heavier than I thought it would be, but its a very sturdy machine, and it works so well and that was my only compromise. Well done!

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  • Unbelieveable, (Suzi100 TX)

    This vacuum goes from hardwood to carpet....I have not used all the tools yet.Great piece of equipment.We love it !!

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  • Dyson V11 review, (Shirlgirl9 CA)

    I realize that they Dyson is pretty expensive but I purchased one in 1999 and it is still going strong so I wanted to get another for upstairs and downstairs. I really like but have not tried all of the attachments yet. It is worth it to me because it is light and easy to operate.

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  • DysonV11 Vacuum, (lorraine67 NY)

    The product is absolutely awesome It does a wonderful job.

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  • Dyson V11, (Patstringfellow AR)

    This is the 3rd Dyson I have owned and is 100 percent better than the other 2. The power and suction are the main reasons for this. I would recommend it to anyone.

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  • Dyson V11 works great, (KMU_37 MA)

    The Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum works great. It's very light weight, quiet and I love that it is cordless. I can easily move from room to room as well as move around tables and chairs without getting tangled. It's also easy to empty the bucket after each use and tuck it away when not in use. I have two dogs that shed a lot which is why I selected this model, and it removes the pet hair quickly with less passes. The attachments for it are great and really add to the versatility factor.

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  • Great Vacuum Cleaner!!!!, (jfillip TX)

    My new favorite cordless vacuum!!! I vacuumed with a very high quality vacuum cleaner and came behind it with this Dyson and the dirt and dust it picked up was unbelievable!!!! I highly recommend this machine!!! Love it!! It has a long lasting battery too!!!

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  • Worth the money..., (padfoot4 FL)

    Love this vacuum, the way it let's you know how much time you have is a great help. I tend to use the auto setting since my apartment goes from tile to carpet. Does a great job cleaning up the litter my likes to kick out of his box. This is not the discontinued model, they are no longer being sold. They said on the presentation that this one just came out a few months ago. It's a great investment and I'm glad I bought it.

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  • Dyson, (Jo1958 TX)

    This is truly the BEST vaccum I have ever had! I vacuumed my carpet and then agin with Dyson V11 and I couldnt believe how much it picked up. Great if you have pets also!!!

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  • Works great but discontinued, (Paul2428 TX)

    The Dyson V11 is an awesome vacuum. The ease of use, suction power, and accessories makes cleaning a pleasure instead of a chore. I did find out that Dyson has discontinued the V11 since the release of the V15, a fact I think should have been disclosed.

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  • This Dyson is a beast!!!, (ReginaR2 VA)

    I replaced my Shark with this Dyson, and it such a difference. It easily and powerfully got to places I've not been able to easily get, and did a great job. The only thing I don't like is the detangler head. I don't think it does as good a job as the sponge head, like my roommate has on his Dyson. It does go from hardwood to carpet easily, though, and does a great job cleaning.

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  • OK, (dkjlucy LA)

    I rec'd my vacuum and it's good but if you have regular carpet or a rug under your table just be aware that you have to used ECO setting to vacuum. I found that information on youtube. Other than that a really good vacuum.

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