Dyson TP02 Pure Cool Link Air Purifier and Fan with Extra Filter

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  • Dyson air purifier, (dlynnrose73 FL)

    I bought this for my daughter since she's allergic to cats but she has a cat. It has helped her tremendously!! She did have to change the filter at 5 months but there was 54% left on the filter. My daughter loves this Dyson. Highly recommended.

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  • Excellent , (cherylk56 AZ)

    It blows perfect clean air we have 3 of the towers and 1 hot cold best products ever great price!!

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  • This Product Is Safe, (sunmary MI)

    I have little kids around and with no blades it sure makes me feel at ease. Works very well.

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  • Love It!, (1Andresen AZ)

    I purchased my first Dyson fan 14 years ago here on HSN and now I have a few around my house and even my classroom. It keeps my house cool.

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  • Dyson TP02, (Baxter15 NJ)

    Save your money. Nothing but a glorified fan.

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  • My allergies are sooo much better!!, (Janrey CA)

    I have several in my home. They work great for allergens and dust. I usually have extremely watery eyes and nose due to allergies but with these on I barely have any issues at all!! I have one for every bedroom and the kitchen and living areas.

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  • Linda in NC, (linx11 NC)

    We have had this for several months now & love it. We keep the control set on auto & it works great. Both as the fan & purifier. Great today special purchase.

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  • Does not cool the room , (colleen060814 NJ)

    Bought this to cool my small home office. It did not do that at all. A standing fan that costs about $30 does a far better job. Product design is beautiful but expected more from Dyson. Very disappointed as I wanted to love it.

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  • DysonTP02 Pure Cool Link Air Purifier, (Mabedu FL)

    It is working as it should. Good product.

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  • Not that great ..., (ShayR IN)

    Sadly, this product is not that great! It is extremely overpriced and the fan is not stronger than the older model that looked more like a circle at the top. Additionally, the purifier does absolutely NOTHING as I purposely burned some things in the kitchen to see if it would remove the smell and smoke and sadly again, it did not!! I wish I were able to get my money back for this awful purchase.

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  • Excellent fan, (JP7 NV)

    Now have 3 Dyson fans. 2 r with air purifier filter. Came with a filter plus a replacement. Have in 3 rooms. Quiet unless run at highest speed but if we do that it doesnt bother us. Sleep with it on about an 8. This tower one is the latest purchase.

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  • Dyson, (snowwhite1955 AZ)

    This is my second one. My daughter took my first one. So I needed to buy one for myself. Works great. Quite and love that when someone is making a smelly mess in kitchen. My dyson comes on and cleans the air

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  • Not Cooling At All, (jrk200811463 NY)

    This is not anything like it was portrayed. I honestly am starting to look at a lot of what these hosts say as BS more like the info commercials are. This product barely throws any air and if its purifying I haven't seen it yet. Wish I could send it back

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  • Love it five star, (tinalew NY)

    I love our air purifier. Runs very quiet and does a excellent job. Bought four already. Comes with a extra filter. Would recommend to anyone.

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  • Loud air purifier, (lluc3 IL)

    I like the fan, but the air purifier is loud. I like the auto feature for the air purifier. I am not sure if I will keep this unit or send it back.

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