Dyson Tower Purifier TP01 and TP02 Replacement EVO Filter

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  • Dyson Purifier Replacement Filter, (rj688 TX)

    I havent used the replacement filter yet cuz Ive only had my Purifier for the past two weeks. I know the filter that came with it, is doing its job. The cool, clean air, is a great relief for bad allergies.

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  • Dyson Air Purifier, (Lewell FL)

    I have not had the unit very long but seems to work as well as all of the Dyson products I own. Great quality.

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  • Dyson Tower Purifier TP01 EVO Filter, (Smiley1632 WI)

    It is great to have an extra filter on hand for the Dyson tower TP01 Fan and air purifier.

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  • Frustrated, (madeinmass MA)

    Upsetting to find that the replacement filters are out of stock. This is when they are most needed. My filter did not last 6 months . very expensive to have to purchase often.

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