DynaTrap LED 1 Acre Mosquito and Insect Trap

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  • Dissapointing, (LadyCubsFan ME)

    This does not work as advertised. Spent way too much money for something that does absolutely nothing. So sad I purchased and recommend no one else make the same mistake.

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  • Bad product, (angel1132 NY)

    DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. I purchased 2 unit and they DO NOT work. Sat in my yard and lost count of how many mosquitos bite I was getting. So disappointed. Will never buy anything from HSN, again.

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  • Awful! Complete waste of money!!!, (RJC68 MI)

    I had this almost 1 month to the day of receiving it & it broke! The fan quit!!!! Followed directions perfectly and it still broke! Dont waste your money because it also does not work on mosquito elimination or cutting down on them. The larger bugs were more attracted to it than a mosquito.

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  • Waste of money, (Donna_Marie PA)

    So so disappointed in this product. Unfortunately too late to send it back as I had to wait until mosquito season to test it out. I have the unit turned on 24/7 and each time I entered the yard I still got bit 4-5 times.

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  • This also sucks up your money!, (SandyJudy IL)

    I purchased the bigger unit. My electric bill went up over a hundred dollars by using this 24/7 as recommended. Started in June. Its the only extra appliance we have for summer. Traps the bugs but man this unit pulls the electricity.

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  • Worked great for two days., (GenMaddy NC)

    When I first hung it up it filled up in two days. I empty it & it hasn't caught but a few bugs. Would not recommend purchasing.

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  • dont buy, (calliegirl21 FL)

    I kept out where the bugs are bad never caught one bug.

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  • Zapped, (birdz4me CA)

    I like the Bulb in the 1/2 acre size. I have the larger one but when I had to replace the bulbs they never work.. I think this size is more convenient

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  • So Far So Good, (zztopper OR)

    I've been running this for about a month now. Got plenty of bugs trapped. I compared prices at the local variety store and their sale price for the same unit was $116.00. I did buy the extra lure at another web site.

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  • A product that works!, (Lizz12 PA)

    It is amazing. It really does attract bugs etc and captures. By end of summer it will be full. I'll empty it store it for winter and be ready at spring. No more bugs , flies,, moths, misquitoes, etc. on my patio this summer.

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  • lovely thought, (cary959 FL)

    i got it but my conscience wouldn't let me actually keep it after reading that it does indeed catch the honey bees. i would have it if not for that

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  • Bulb Replacement DT1120, (JTCreations FL)

    HSN or DynaTrap have the replacement bulb for the DT1120. DynaTrap suggest that you get the bulb from Mosquito Magnet, the cost of the bulb is $15.00 and the estimate cost for shipping is $16.00. I would not suggest purchasing any product with the name DynaTrap. I gave it a 1 star because the review required it, otherwise it would be 0 star.

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  • Not worth the money , (mish66 RI)

    I dont this its worth the money!Looking to retun mine

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  • It REALLY WORKS!!!!, (debbiedoubtfire IN)

    Half acre works for my back yard!!! Not even one No-see-Um!!! Love it! Looks like a lantern!. Worth every dollar!

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  • Good product , (3Hart TX)

    I plug it in and the Dynatrap does the job... im in TX and we have lots of bugs. I'm glad I purchased it!

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