Drive Medical Duet Transport Chair/Rollator Walker

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  • great , (jo128 GA)

    it work great for my needs

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  • Extremely helpful, (JackiJ TX)

    Got this before my hip replacement. Had serious difficulty walking at that time. Hospital didn't encourage me to use it immediately after surgery, even though it has breaks. Chair easy for my hubby to get in & out of trunk, easy to move me around in it. Still use it occasionally now, likely to use it today. Do wish the seat was a little more cushy.

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  • In Love, (Shay1951 NV)

    I'm so in love with this walker! I have the old 2 wheel walker, it is so embarrassing and noisy. I went for a walk with my husband and I enjoyed it so much, my walk was made easy with this walker. It rolled so easy and the contol I had was Wonderful, I didn't have to pick up the walker to get it over a crack in the sidewalk or get tripped up by a rock. It is comfortable to walk with. Light weight, easy to fold for travel. I love it!

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  • Chair/Rollator, (Sheliabug GA)

    Purchased for my husband. He is a Vietnam veteran with stage 4 lung cancer which has metastasized to his brain. He is very weak and needs assistance walking and standing.He uses Rollator/walker all the time. Very pleased with it, it was easy assembly, light weight and very easy for my husband to manipulate getting around the house.Thinking about getting additional one to keep in car for doctor appointments and traveling. This was a great buy.

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  • Med duet Great, (Brandi73 NM)


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  • Great investment! , (HappyGG TX)

    I bought this for my mom who is having trouble getting around her home. She needs something more than her cane to help her get around and this has been a lifesaver. She gets around alot better now. She can sit down if she gets tired of walking and we can even use as a wheelchair without it having the look of a traditional wheelchair. We got the rose gold is which really pretty.

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  • Great gift for the disabled or elderly , (Shevan DE)

    Bought this is for my mom for her birthday I was able to push her around when she got tired exceptionally made, a little pricey but it was worth it. Built well and sturdy.

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  • Easy Waalker, (ant2260 NY)

    The Duet makes life so much easier for those of us that have difficulty walking, without some assist device. Forget canes, they have you hunched over and slow you up. You look like you are in worse shape than you are. The Duet is easy rolling, stand up straight,look forward,strong construction. If you feel tired sit down, if you have a partner or friend use it as a wheelchair. Fantastic walker/ wheelchair. Get one and toss the canes.

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  • Perfect For Child/Adult, (NMsunset7 NM)

    My 10 year old nephew had sports-related hip injury in first part of February. After pandemic hit, buying used and reasonably priced medical equipment was not an option. This walker/transport chair is THE BEST!! Very lightweight but sturdy. Easy to load into car. Handles have adjustable height with breaks. Much safer and more stable than crutches. Has strengthened his hip and leg safely. Has given him mobility independence. He loves it and his parents are so grateful he has it.

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  • Drive duet transport/rollator, (Alp14 TX)

    Have been using rose gold duet walker for the the last 3 weeks, it has been problem with assembly...just my size... great to use at my job...only thing is that it's a little heavier to put in my van...but I still love it...

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  • On the go , (dlc23 VA)

    I love it. moves freely i walk fast so thats a plus for me ...Now i know i will be going out more now wont have to worry about falling its a good support aid ...thank HSN for having it available for me

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  • I Love Pink, (Mickey0817 IN)

    I love that HSN has exclusive colors. The Rose Gold rollator is awesome, and received lots of compliments. I wear pink a lot, and my friends say it matches my personality. Thank you Drive and HSN for making my MS look great.

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  • Super Sturdy, (JenniferLane TX)

    Great Walker! Very sturdy. I purchased this to replace one I already had and this one is much sturdiermore substantial feeling. Rolls very smoothly; even on rough terrain. Im tall and handles adjusted plenty high so I dont have to walk bent over. The rose gold is a lovely color that you dont see everywhere.

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  • Questions, (Retired-09 VA)

    I have a hard time opening the walker. Does anyone have suggestions?

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