Door and Window Security Bar with Sounding Alarm

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  • Nice to have, (MissQueen SC)

    This door alarm bar is wonderful.. fits perfectly & I tried it out 2 see if the sound would be loud enuff 2 awaken me.. it was loud enuff 2 awake the neighbors too.. lol .. & that's a good thing.. hope to never hear it, but glad 2 have this extra bit of security..

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  • So Easy To Use For Good Security!, (LexusY1 IA)

    I've been looking for one of these for awhile then seen it on special so had to order it. I live alone so this gives me peace of mind. I live in Sr housing & one day I heard my door opening up& the maintenance guy said oh sorry wrong apt! I have a deadbolt but if they have a key they can get in! I can take it with when I stay at a motel for added security there!

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  • security bar, (ok09 WI)

    bought one for me and a couple for family

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  • Doesn't work, (thevic IL)

    I tried this on my door--I live in an apartment building. It keeps sliding and doesn't grip. Wish I had sent it back.

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  • Too Easy to Activate , (MDmickie MD)

    Unfortunately, the alarm goes off with the slightest movement/vibration. I had to turn off the alarm because the wind and traffic vibration set off the alarm every day.

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  • Door & Window Security Bar, (LoveMeSomeLynnda PA)

    This door bar works great & the alarm is LOUD!!!!

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  • Security Bars, (tweety39 FL)

    Pleased overall with security bars. From all appearances, they seem to be doing job of securing well. The alarm feature is of no value to me; therefore, I removed batteries. The alarm feature was inconsistent in its operation.

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  • Alarm always goes off , (beaubear NC)

    I had it for 4 days it was fine, now the alarm wont stop. Unfortunately I tossed the box after testing it. So Im out $30 with shipping and tax. If I could give zero stars I would

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  • Too short, (bluecrab DE)

    Not long enough to go from doorknob to floor. Will be returning.

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  • Great purchase, (Nancy9545 GA)

    Great product! The alarm is loud and if there is any vibration on the door it rings. This is a product to give to anyone who lives alone. I will be purchasing several more for sliding glass doors.

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  • White door alarm, (go-woody NV)

    BEWARE!! Product is useless. I positioned the bar on front door many ways. You can still push the door open enough to reach in & take it off. Alarm also goes off constantly. Very annoying having to turn it on & off all the time. Works best on windows which is where I ended up putting them. Still can't use the alarms though without them always sounding off.

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  • I Feel Safe, (SoChiPat IL)

    I had wanted a Door Safety Bar for a long time, I feel completely safe with this one, when correctly applied no unwanted person will enter.

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  • Very appreciative , (gak0366 MN)

    This is the replacement for 1861565480 that I didn't receive when the post office said they delivered it over a week ago. I received the replacement today along with the original item that I never received until today. I keep trying to reach customer service to let them know that I received both but I can't reach them. So if you see this let me know how I can send back this item at no charge. Thank you

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  • Works Well, (Mygigi VA)

    I like the ease of being able to resize for different doors. I use on sliders. Its feels a little cheap, but it is sturdy and fits better than the wood pole I use now.

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  • Nope..., (BBlessed MD)

    I bought this last year and just saw them advertise it again. The alarm worked but it did not stop my son from opening the door. With a little extra effort, he stuck his hand in the door, moved the bar, and came in the house. It slides on hardwood floors. The bar fell on the floor and now, no more alarm. Useless...

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