DHEA 25 Dehydroepiandrosterone

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  • Finally, (THEWALKER TN)

    58 yrs old and this has literally changed my life. I take fewer antidepressants (weaning off completely is the goal), my hot flashes have subsided quite a bit and overall feeling of wellbeing and motivation. The "warnings" are clear and even if I were at risk I personally would continue this supplement because I take fewer prescription medications when taking this.I take over 20 9f Andrew's supplements and have since the late 90s.

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  • Very Effective!!!, (sunny55 FL)

    I was feeling very tired and unmotivated. My MD tested me for low DHEA and it turned out that I was low on DHEA. She asked me to start taking taking 25 mg a day. So I went right on line to see if Andrew had this supplement. Have always trust his quality products! I started taking it and noticed the improvement right away and my labs show that my DHEA is perfect:-)

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  • Cancer risk or survivor do not take, (Rainbowdays TN)

    Was told not to take this with my cancer history. Online at Mayo Clinic it also says the same thing if you are at risk of or have had issues with cancer. Returning. Wish you all would disclose this when promoting it for sale...any negatives on all health related items should be disclosed.

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  • YAY for DHEA!, (karen16 PA)

    I researched this supplement extensively, I found the best dosage for my needs is 50mg. I take two of these daily (along with over 25 other A.L. products) and my once cranky, sleepy, lethargic, and overly-soft-self is a thing of the past. My energy has increased along with my ability to tackle a sound night's sleep. The increased omph it provides me is the push I need to get my daily strenuous exercise routine done without a minute of complaint. This is a WINNER - thank you Andrew!

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  • Need to check with doctor , (SeSchell CA)

    I read about DHEA and was concerned. Check with your doctor first. I returned.

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  • Confusing, (Mim7 IL)

    I don't understand this product and I use nothing but Lessman vitamins..this one comes with a bunch of warnings...so am I to ask my doc for a blood test before using this product? I don't get it....I tried it, it did nothing for me and back it went

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  • Thank you, (Kgbnurse01 FL)

    I been taking these for years, now 64. Immune problems and my neurologist suggest I take since 20 years ago. I have no problem with these. You may want to consider making them in 50mg as most Docs prescribe this dose. Thanks Andrew!

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  • It Works , (WYSSEM KS)

    I bought it for my husband who is an ICU physician with a crazy schedule. He swears by it, gives him energy and stamina. Thank you Andrew.

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  • Made my heart race and kidneys hurt!, (Brett-BMe FL)

    By the 3rd day, it made my heart race and kidney area hurt, so l will return it.Don't know if it's because I'm taking a bunch of other Andrew Lessman supplements only. (No meds, but DHEA was recommended by my doctor.) Mr. Lessman never mentioned anything about taking many of his supplements together, as I am doing, or if DHEA is gender specific. If you have this show again, please clarify. Regardless, it's not worth the side effects and possible risks, so back it goes.

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  • Skin Improver, (Anonymous VA)

    My skin appears to improve with this product. Its all about consistency. I take it everyday, and will continue to have this in my daily regimen as long as I can afford it. Thanks HSN and Mr Lessman, great product.

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  • A possible doable product, (yougogirl729 VA)

    I purchased this product a few months back. I started taking it and noticed from day one that this could be awesome. Within a few hours of taking my first capsule I noticed that my breathing was better than when I used my inhaler. I'm an asthmatic. It also made me sleep better at night. I stop taken them due to it started causing me to have pain in my head. Not headaches but severe head pain. So I cannot give a full review since I was only able to tolerate taking these capsules for one week.

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  • Changed, (hganurs AZ)

    My husband used to nap everyday not wanting to do so but the fatigue overtook him.. he now has incredible energy, his mind is more focused, he laughs and says he cant nap even if he tried but the difference is he doesnt want to because of the new found energy. PLEASE consider making 50 mg dose as this seems to be the normal dose physicians are ordering. Thank you Andrew for this wonderful supplement!!

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  • Dhea supplements work, (Kgbnurse FL)

    ANDREW, PLEASE MAKE THIS AVAILABLE IN 50mg caps. This seems to be the recommended dose neurologists recommend for men to take. Thanks C Bateman, RN

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  • Great supplement, (SOCALFOOTHILLS CA)

    Im nearly 70 & started DHEA a year ago. HRTs caused more trouble than good, so I researched DHEA & my Dr. okd it. Ive always trusted the quality of Andrews products. My energy improved almost immediately & this last year my Immune system was better, keeping weight off easier, & I just noticed my white eyebrows & hair are darkening again. When I run out I feel it right away: cant get going in the morning. DHEA just seems to boost my system in so many areas. Very pleased!

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  • Immediate Results , (BAW1113 FL)

    Whoa! This tiny capsule packs a punch! Huge benefits. It made an immediate difference in ME ... energy, focus, libido and decreased appetite. I have been taking it for about 10 days. Won't be without it. Thank you Andrew and HSN.

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