DermaWand Pro Anti-Aging Kit with 2 PreFace, Skin Quench & Bag

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  • Derma wand pro is great ! , (Jaza AZ)

    I have used a derma wand for many years and it's great I now have the derma wand pro. I haven't used it for very long, but it seems more powerful than the older one I purchased 5 years ago. This new pro is the 4th one I have bought over many years. One thing I do not like is the stiff cord on the derma wand pro one.

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  • I'm completely satisfied!, (Joyful12 AZ)

    I've used a DemaWand for years and while I was concerned after reading some of the reviews, I realized that since I use this on my neck, arms and legs with great results I would still upgrade to this model and I'm very glad that I did! DermaWand has been one of my go-to tools for keeping my skin youthful and rejuvenated. I bought my first one from HSN years ago and am very happy that they still offer these. I'm in my late 60s and love having an assortment of things to use to help my skin.

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  • Stay Consistent, (Cherie647 PA)

    The dermawand does work, but you have to be consistent. That is key. The results are cumulative and takes more than 30 days. I've been using it for two years and my face looks great. Just 5 to 7 minutes per day.

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  • DANG! It ACTUALLY WORKS!, (Apriljones LA)

    I love this little machineI have seen a significant difference in my neck jawline with saggingI crank it upand away We goIts fast.., its rewarding in two ways its easy, and it WORKS..Even My Sister, that seems to observe everything,about My appearancesays, Wow You look goodwhat have u done?Believe Me, this is a compliment from Her.:)

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  • I use everyday. Love! , (unicornpittman TN)

    I use this on 12 every day! I love it! Results are amazing! Plus my Botox lady said this is a 2-3 hundred dollars treatment. So its paid for itself.

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  • Delighted, (tablecloth100 GA)

    This is my second Derma Wand. My first one is about 20 years old & I still use it. The process is gradual meaning I saw sustaining results after 20 days of use. Now my facial muscles are trained to hold a tone, lifted result. I am pleased to have the opportunity to purchase the Derma Wand Pro. I never go higher than 4 around the eyes & when I first started using this devise, I gradually increased the dial over time for my face. On the old model I still have not gone to the full range of use.

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  • Definitely works!, (OBDB CA)

    I bought the 1st one here, 14yrs ago. This one is better. I've used LED lights, but they don't compare. One thing to remember is that you need to use quality products AND drink more water. I take Andrew's Collagen everyday w/a handful of spinach and blueberries. You need to take care of your insides, as well as the outside. Also, keep the cord straight during storage, so your device will last longer. I use the highest level and barely touch my skin to get the snap. It oxygenates and heals skin.

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  • Love the Newer Dermawand, (Neesies PA)

    So happy I bought the new more powerful Derma Wand. Ive had the original for 10 years and really like it. The newer model is even better. I can see smoother, supple and toned skin! It really makes a difference if you use it consistently even if for only a few minutes. Its a great pic-me-up and makes me feel revived. Its a winner!

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  • Love this, (kbearncubs CA)

    I have only been using this for a few weeks, but I have already noticed a difference in toning and fine lines softening. It isn't a miracle product, but I definitely can see and feel the toning. I am in my fifties and have a lot of sagging and wrinkles, so I didn't expect much and am pleasantly surprised. I did not use their gel and spray, just my own products, so I cannot speak to their gel. Yes, it tingles and zaps a bit, but the uncomfortable part only lasts a few seconds.

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  • love it!, (Cathy19525 MA)

    I've used this off and on for years and it really does improve my skins appearance. It also helps heal any blemish very quickly by placing the wand over the area for about a minute.

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  • Things I didn't know, (janusha PA)

    Didn't realize that using this product is the same as getting an MRI or CT Scan when you are on an insulin pump. Would have to remove pump each and every time I used the wand. Sooo sorry to have to return. Pump company said "no way -- it has to be taken off."

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  • Dedicated , (mskay255 NJ)

    I read all the reviews and feel many were not addressing the efficacy of this devise. Problems with returns and unfortunate broken devices should not be the reason for the review. The reviews should address the performance of the product. I have my old Dermawand for many years. I bought the new one because of the increase in power. You must dedicate time to get results. You will instinctively know how to use it . I didnt like the Preface. Just use your own moisturizer.

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  • Improvement noticed, (chaley1 NY)

    Ive been using my new DermaWand for just a week now. Already I have a noticeable reduction in age spots/sun spots on my face.

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  • Wears nicely, (mozziedog1 MO)

    I had one years ago and I loved it..So happy with my dermawand..will continue to use. Love love love it!

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  • Better then expected!, (parf CO)

    This is my 2nd Dermawand. Sent the other back, saw nothing, it did nothing..zilch. Amy presented this again as a TS, tried it again. I have really good skin, so I didnt expect much. I can see clarity, it smoother, softer, firmer. It was worth the 2nd go around. I just dont like the pre-face I use an oil or moisturizer, or whatever Im doing for a treatment.

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