Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes™ Home Collection 40-piece Set

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  • Sturdy, but bad design, (baltimoregirl339 MD)

    They do not stack well, like the original design. The set takes up MUCH more room to store. Also, very hard to remove the lids.

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  • Green boxes, (lajoy2 NY)

    Doesnt work well with cucumbers should have direction on box useage the box sizes need is to small.

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  • Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes, (Stormywood4 AZ)

    I returned these because the vegetables had to be dry for these boxes to be effective. I wash my vegetables I.e. lettuce etc., spin them and the vegetables are hard to dry.

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  • Green boxes , (keiramarie94 OH)

    I like my old Debbie Meyer ones better. I could put all one size together and take up much less space. These do not do this so I am disappointed- if people didnt forget (?) to return them, I would still have the originals. Guess I would recommend them after explaining the stacking issue to people.

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  • These Green Boxes take up a lot of space, (Jetmedic FL)

    I have purchased Green Boxes before and love them, They fit nicely into each other and were easy to store.But these new ones DO NOT. They are a good quality and are a little thicker, but they do not fit inside each other so they can't be stacked in a cabinet.They take up a lot of space! So Disapointed.

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  • Not all work as promised, (DianaAs GA)

    I am disappointed with the way some of the GreenBoxes have stored my veggies. Specifically, I put a tomato in one and it was slimy about 4 days later. I just opened up a container that I had stored broccoli in about one week ago, and it already has a strange smell and looks as if it is ready to go. I do like the bread box to store celery and carrots. Almost ready to return the set because so far, I am not totally pleased.

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  • Small containers, (bummer50 NJ)

    They keep food fresh but too many small containers

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  • Debbie Meyer Greenboxes, (Kahanu WA)

    Havent tried them on all things yet. Seem to keep my bananas from spoiling too quickly. I just have to find somewhere to put the boxes as I cant stand to look at the green on my countertops

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