Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes™ Home Collection 40-piece Set

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  • Debbie Meyer Greenboxes, (Kahanu WA)

    Havent tried them on all things yet. Seem to keep my bananas from spoiling too quickly. I just have to find somewhere to put the boxes as I cant stand to look at the green on my countertops

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  • WHAT HAPPENED TO THESE, (renee5758 NY)

    My husband bought these for a Christmas Present because of how much salads and veggies that spoil quickly. I am so disappointed on how they do with salad. I put salad from the store into them, and I was so upset, the salad was brown, the lettuce part of it. I am not sure what I am going to do, but, salad was the main reason he bought them for me. I bought 2 salad packages on Saturday, put them in the new green boxes, I threw it in the garbage on Monday. The salad was not wet.

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  • don't work , (luv2shop512 SC)

    I'm very disappointed in these containers, they don't keep food from spoiling, but they are nice containers.

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  • What a waste of Time!, (vixyplatnum IL)

    I was really looking forward to getting these boxes. I had passed on then several times thinking that they can't be as good as they say; too bad I was right! I tried putting bagged salad in one of them: was still brown and wilty in 3 days (YUCK!) Also tried other fruits and veggies- same thing. Sent them back and did get refund minus the shipping cost. What a waste of time!

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  • Dont really work, (Scolbert NH)

    These containers do absolutely nothing to extend the life of food....whether its vegetables or baked goods. They are nice storage containers but the hype is just that...hype

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  • UMMMM...not sure about these..., (dsg052 CA)

    So I bought these after seeing the presentation on HSN. Used them for all the items they are supposed to be used for...the bread box was a NO!! Followed Debbie's instruction on taking bread out of plastic bag, and put it in the "bread box" 4 days later completely molded :( stays fresher in the bag it comes in...Another NOT so good thing is they take up alot of space, as they don't "nest" into each other...think i'm going to donate the whole set!!! OH well thanks anyways "Debbie" :( :(

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  • Green What?, (best4mybucks IL)

    What a waste, or I have no idea what Im doing, my fruit and vegetables are worst then just leaving them on the counter. Want to return them . Maybe I didnt use them right , but what is so hard, about it...

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  • Not Impressed!, (Fancy49 MO)

    This was my 1st time trying out the green boxes it was so impressive on tv but when i got them home & put my lettuce in one it turn brown after about 3 days so it didn't work 4 me. But i will keep them to store other things.

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  • Disappointed, (IRISKAPLAN IL)

    Unfortunately, I had to return this order. The boxes may work well but they are not able to be stored easily. I had no way to put them away for I was unable to use them.

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  • A Little Disappointed, (JeannieDeb NY)

    I ordered these boxes for my fresh produce. So far my tomatoes got mold on them even though I followed the directions to dry them before placing in green boxes. I will try again. Won't send them back - costs too much to ship.

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  • I was lied too on tv, (Evie83 MT)

    These bowls by definition in the paperwork states you can not freeze food in them. On tv you state we can freeze food. Highly disappointed! Not good in a freezer.

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  • Didn't work for me!, (charliebrownie OH)

    I was excited about these, even though I didn't need more storage containers. I was looking for something to preserve the freshness of my fruits and vegetables. Within a few days my green beans were white and slippery. My orange slices were moldy. I would have sent these back, had I not given some of them to my children. I thought they might like them, but now I just hope they had a better experience than I did. Do not recommend, as they did not work for me!

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  • didn't work for me, (VeeGee522 WA)

    These just don't work for me, I purchased salad mix, good date for about a week. Put in a green box, and 3 days later, went to make a salad, and the lettuce was already turning brown. NOT good, can get better with Lock & Lock frankly. Going to send these back if I can get them all back in the box.

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  • Not to happy, (BigNana66 NY)

    One of my bowls was bent so the too will not go on

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  • Doesnt work, (bmeade1 PA)

    This product does not keep food fresh longer put lettuce in the big container two days later it was bad only kept it because I needed storage containers works the same as other containers

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