Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes™ Home Collection 40-piece Set

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  • Debbie Meyer Green Boxes, (Elon50 MI)

    I purchased Debbie's Green Boxes a couple of years ago & I must say, these are a big improvement! They are more stronger & seem more durable the than previous ones. I'm glad I made this purchase as I store fruit & veggies in most of them.

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  • Great tupperware, (Fantastic3 AZ)

    Makes things last forever and great color!

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  • Love this greenware. , (HonestOpinion779 VA)

    They are incredible for produce, especially lettuce. One overnighter and it's cold and crispy for a long time. Can't quite see through to be sure what's in them, but love them anyway.

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  • Green boxes, (BTKeifer MS)

    Love green boxes. Would like to see more often the larger pieces without the smaller ones in set. They really do work to keep food fresh longer.

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  • Saving me money, (purplejoy IN)

    I am really pleased with these Green Boxes. I used to end up throwing away fruits and veggies because I would not eat them in time before they became mush. No longer! Now I can buy items on sale in decent quantity and know they will not be bad when I go back to them a week later. I am so excited that I will be able to eat healthier just because of this one product that changes how long I can keep fruits and veggies! Well worth the cost which is not that pricey anyway.

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  • Great Boxes, (megadiva6506 NY)

    I love my GreenBoxes because they have kept my food fresh for a lot of days. I would like to make a suggestion. Can she put some labels on the boxes where you can write what's on them. I have to open them to see what's in them?

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  • Looove these!!!!, (juschiquita CA)

    These things really work! I live by myself and waste a lot of food.Not anymore! My fruits and veggies last WAY past the date they normally would. Loooove these containers!!!

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  • Theyre mine and I can prove it , (mackey4393 TX)

    This is the second or third order of the green containers and we like that even family who find them in their cupboard say they know where they need to go.

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  • Great product!, (gracegrow79 LA)

    I received my set and love it! It is easy to use and works as it says so far. I've used them for leftovers as well as muffins, brownies, and bread. everything is fresh and I am looking forward to spending less and not throwing out so much food. I love the various sizes. Perfect set!

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  • Great Product !, (terie44 WI)

    I love the boxes. I have a set from many years ago that still work great. I've saved so much money at the grocery store. I bought this set to give as a gift but have already taken some out of the box to keep for myself. I only wish that Debbie could make the boxes with a small clear window so everyone can see whats inside.

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  • Love It!, (GinaAK AK)

    I love this green boxes it help my fridge organize and food last long.

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  • Awesome product!, (320Holland CA)

    My 3rd order on the GreenBoxes in the last 2 years. They really do keep your food fresh and longer.

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  • Absolutely love these!, (buddycassie NJ)

    I have been a fan of the green bags for a few years and have told a lot of people about them. So I finally decided to get these green bowls/containers and I am extremely glad I did!! I had to go back and order more!! They are even better!!!

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  • selection great, (CLEARLY911NAL4 NC)

    Great deal, bought the set for the bread box and the rest of the set was a bonus!!! I will use in my lunch box with the other set shapes I bought!!! Just love her boxes, bags, sponges and other products.

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  • second order, (windylj NV)

    I love these. They really do help food last longer! I use them daily for salad makings fresh fruit, and bread.

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