Debbie Meyer EZ Kleen'r™ 8-pack

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  • EZ Kleen, (MICHPAL AZ)

    When advertised on TV, it was stated that the sponges do not fall apart like other brands such as MR. Clean. I did not have that experience. I went through the cleaning pack at the same rate I would Mr. Clean. I did not see much difference from the store bought ones I always use.

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  • Pads, (Thril GA)

    Great. Cleans great

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  • Great!, (glarismiamifl FL)

    Very nice EZ kleen'r used in must of the surfaces and are really awesome.

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  • Debbie Meyer white sponges, (BARGAINHUNTER CA)

    Very stiff...but does clean ok...does crumble if the surface is bumpy...these might be old but not sure

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  • Bit pricey , (melinil IL)

    Not that much better than the ones in dollar store, to be honest. Yes they dont shred as bad but you also cant squeeze out all the water so it never dries and then starts to stink. Hard pass on this.

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  • Love!!, (lorker NY)

    I couldn't wait to try these sponges on my tub. It wasn't dirty at all, but it had some marks I wanted out! These sponges work!! My tub is nice and white again and it didn't take me much scrubing!! Thank you so much for this product!! Since there's 8 of them on a set, they'll last me a few years!! I recommend them highly!!

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  • Did not receive, (dallasdada NC)

    Did not receive.

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  • EZ Kleenr, (Pammy566 TX)

    Terrible product. Too stiff, breaks in pieces. Very difficult to use.

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