DASH 1450-Watt 10-Liter Air Fryer Oven

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  • Awesome over, (Lisastolo1 TX)

    Love this little oven!! Its great for baking quick items like onion rings and fries. Love that its a oven and air fryer in one.

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  • Best Purchase Ever, (northerndiamond MA)

    I love this Air Fryer Oven so much. I use it every day. I have used it for baking, toasting, broiling and air frying. It cooks fast and browns beautifully. It does not take up a lot of counter space and is easy to clean. So glad I purchased it.

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  • Mary, (lovecooking15 FL)

    I ordered the red air fryer oven, and I absolutely love it! Since ordering it, I have enjoyed cooking everything thing from chicken wing to sweet potatoes fries in it. The food comes out so delicious, crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside, my husband looks forward to me cooking in the oven. I have been telling everyone about it. Love it!

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  • A must have!, (arreed UT)

    I love this oven ! Since I f=got it no more oil messes!! Food taste great!

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  • DASH 1450, (queenmiss MD)

    Easy to use. Cooks fast. Is nice to look at.

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  • Cute and Just perfect, (TNSWA59 OK)

    Love this. I have used all functions of this oven and have not been disappointed at all. Recommend highly!

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  • Doesn't Smoke if you use as directed, (JustSo NC)

    This is a terrific product. I noticed many of the lower reviews referenced smoking or oil dripping on the heating elements. There is a solution to this. If you are cooking anything with oil or that may drip, you are supposed to slide the black pan under the cooking rack to catch the drips so they don't land on the cooking elements. This is on page 11 of the manual with pictures.

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  • Very pleased, (helpful8 MA)

    Great product. Very easy to use

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  • East Bake Oven on Steriods , (Sweetgirl117 NY)

    Just received my new Easy Bake Oven, as I call it. Lol! Wonderful product, well made, attractive on the counter, & does everything that was promised. For all it does, its totally underpriced. Thanks HSN!

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  • Great buy!, (celltune FL)

    I love this little oven! It holds more than expected and is just perfect for a small household. I use it to cook for two to four people, and its been great so far! I love how quickly it air fries, too!

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  • I like it -3 things to consider before buying, (Squakn CA)

    1. Directions say allow about 4 clearance around the top & sides while using: approx. measurements = 14 high X 11 deep (front to back) X 13 wide (side to side). Ensure you have the space to use it.2. Clean it after each use-wait for it to cool off & wipe everything, including the heating elements, that food/oils has dripped onto. I do this and havent experienced any smoking/nasty odors.3. It heats up&cooks fast. Watch the first few times to get a feel for how fast it cooks.

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  • In Love, (Krickett875 OH)

    I love this air fryer! It is powerful and I have used it so much since receiving it! I made chicken thighs and you could hear it frying in the fryer. They were juicy and good. I fry everything from shrimp to chicken. I have not used the broiler or oven yet but this is a great little fryer. Sits beautifully on my counter. It is worth the money.

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  • EXCELLENT, (dickmsr IL)

    I have this oven a couple weeks now. It works great no problems so far. The only draw back is that the outer case get's pretty hot. But I can live with that I thought that when they presented it on TV they said it would only get warm to the touch?

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  • Just the right size!, (birdyblue TN)

    Its just the right size! So glad I bought this its only me and my husband and we never turn on the big oven anymore. Love my new air oven! Thanks hsn

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  • do the dash, (bonfyre9 CA)

    I love this oven/air fryer, it is so easy and the food taste great. I recently made lamb and it was delicious, perfectly cooked and so quick. You won't be sorry.

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