CutterPillar Crop Portable Paper Trimmer with LED Light and Bag

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  • Great Product, (scrappydogmom MA)

    I love this trimmer. When I saw this on special I knew I had to have it. A few scrapbook friends own it and I knew I had to add to my collection. My favorite feature is the LED light makes it very easy to see the line where you are cutting.

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  • Cutterpillar, (SK44 FL)

    So far only used it a couple times I like it the only thing is where I stop my blade is a little further than where I think it is. So I need to learn to stop sooner

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  • Nice cutter, (TammieLee TX)

    I bought this because it is lightweight and self sharpening. I am tired of buying new blades for my fiskars. Slight pressure with a finger pushing the blade against the cutting edge gives a perfect smooth cut every time as this is also the reason it is self sharpening. The safety is built into the cutting mechanism. Nice. I only wish there was a lip at the opposite end to hold paper and cut.

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  • Great Cutter, (DESIMOZART NJ)

    This is a great cutter and you always get a clean precise cut and the light really helps to ensure you are cutting exactly where you need to cut on the paper. One improvement that needs to be made is they need to put markings on the metal part for the 1 inch to 0. You have to mark these lines on the paper before cutting.

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  • Clean, precise cuts, (mithermoo WA)

    This trimmer works exactly as I expected after watching the demo. I found that the faster I move the blade, the better the cut - slow down the slicing motion and the paper can be pushed instead of neatly trimmed. I really appreciate the ability to slice off just a hair of the paper. 4 stars instead of five because Id like a devise that holds the paper in place - that way I could cut more than one sheet at a time. The light is nice, but not essential for me. Happy with my purchase.

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