CutterPillar Crop Portable Paper Trimmer with LED Light and Bag

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  • Phenomenal cutter , (Finfano1 TN)

    I purchased this cutter for sole purpose of scrapbooking. I have tried MANY others &this beats them all. It is precise, bright, &easy to use. Love the light feature that aids low lit rooms-also the ability to see exactly where your cut will be. LOVE the fact that I am DONE buying new blades, strips or cartridges. I am excited about a product/company that goes the extra step to provide a carry case for their product!! This is a CO that understands crafters & the fact we travel to crops&retreats!

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  • Perfect Trimmer, (MomGoForSu1 NV)

    Im so glad I purchased this portable trimmer. It cuts like butter with perfect straight cuts every time. The light is very useful and helps when cutting paper precisely. The carrying bag is very high quality with a removable shoulder strap. Im extremely happy I purchased this trimmer.

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  • Cutterpillar Crop Portable with led light and bag, (CheriT7 IN)

    This is a excellent cutter. I'd recommend it to everyone and to think the blade sharpens itself. The lighting system is awesome!Theres only one small thing in regards to the bag, not a big deal one of the velco tape came off. I'll just sew it back on myself. Very compacted easy to store. I'd recommend to anyone.

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  • Whata Cutter, (ladybelle61 IA)

    Oh my goodness this thing is heavy duty. Cuts everything I've put to it, From several layers of paper, cardstock, even cereal box cardboard. Well constructed and sturdy, and powerful, the light feature really helps when you are lining up your cut. I don't know why I waited so long to get this paper trimmer but very happy to have it now.

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  • I LOVE it!!, (fancyn IN)

    It's a wonderfully designed paper cutter in a good sturdy storage bag. I like the safety features and the did I ever manage paper cutting without that light?

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  • CutterPillar Portable Trimmer, (scrapchick2 MI)

    This is a wonderful paper trimmer. It is very sharp and makes clean cuts. It's light weight and can be easily transported. The extension arm allows for papers up to 12 x 12 to be cut.

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  • Very accurate cutter, (Phyd IA)

    The measuring marks are very hard to read. You may need to put black ink on them to see them, if you have old eyes. The light really helps get an accurate cut. I'm short so I need to turn the cutter to a 90 degree angle. Then it worked excellently.

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  • So far so good, (mickspring OH)

    Love the Cutterpillar, especially the rotary blade which cuts precisely. I hope it is self sharpening as described. Cant wait to see if its as good after a few hundred uses.

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  • My first CutterPillar product, (SongbirdVB MN)

    but it is not my last! I love this trimmer so much. The light under the cutting edge makes life easier, especially when cutting a pattern or trying to trim off a hairs-width of paper.Every other trimmer I have had has given me "furry" edges, even with a new blade. This cuts sharp and clean from the top to the bottom (or vice-versa) even when I'm cutting multiple sheets.Love, love, LOVE this!

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  • Best Cutter Ever!, (ohara CA)

    I have wanted a cutterpillar for a long time and can't understand why I waited so long. This is the best cutter I have ever had and I know this will last forever. Great quality and workmenship. Think I will get the larger one now and sooner rather than later.

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  • A MUST HAVE, (class_a TX)

    This is the best. I played around with this using different types of paper. It cut really clean. I learned to apply some pressure when cutting . The lights are a big plus. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to see the numbers but not a problem.It works better than the two cutters I have a cricut, fiskars.

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  • Best cutter, (Pchess CA)

    I love this cutter it cuts smoothly effortlessly no jagged edges. My 4 yr old tried it love the safety feature. With the light I cut precisely where I needed to.

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  • Great Product, (scrappydogmom MA)

    I love this trimmer. When I saw this on special I knew I had to have it. A few scrapbook friends own it and I knew I had to add to my collection. My favorite feature is the LED light makes it very easy to see the line where you are cutting.

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  • Cutterpillar, (SK44 FL)

    So far only used it a couple times I like it the only thing is where I stop my blade is a little further than where I think it is. So I need to learn to stop sooner

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  • Nice cutter, (TammieLee TX)

    I bought this because it is lightweight and self sharpening. I am tired of buying new blades for my fiskars. Slight pressure with a finger pushing the blade against the cutting edge gives a perfect smooth cut every time as this is also the reason it is self sharpening. The safety is built into the cutting mechanism. Nice. I only wish there was a lip at the opposite end to hold paper and cut.

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