Curtis Stone Crispy Panko Crusted Shrimp

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  • Just OK, (bellstarbc AR)

    The shrimp was of a very decent quality but I found the breading lacking in any flavor.

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  • Just ok, (checkers5 KS)

    Too much breading and not much shrimp flavor. They are ok if you love the taste of whatever you dip them in for flavor.

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  • Too Much Panko, (Jan103 CA)

    The ratio of panko to shrimp is off, and I find them to be a bit oily as well, both when I baked them and air-fried them.

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  • Arrived thawed , (hotpinksand AL)

    Not happy. Not frozen. They were warm. I put in freezer but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. I stopped my auto reorder. Will update soon after I try them to inform you if I got sick. So sad....

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  • Minced shrimp, (1BOB TN)

    Decent flavor but would not order again. Seemed like the shrimp was minced not whole. Not a good buy for the money.

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  • So Disappointed, (WhiteRoseHill TX)

    The shrimp are difficult to get cooked evenly. The coating is still a little gooey next to the shrimp. I cooked them in the air fryer and a conventional oven. The taste of coating is extremely bland.

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  • The Don't Taste Like Shrimp, (Anonymous933 CA)

    I don't like the taste - they don't even taste like shrimp! I would send them back if I could. I really really like shrimp cocktail, so I don't know where these have gone wrong....

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  • Not as advertised, (Pctek CA)

    the 10min cook time is air fryer only. Oven time is 30min and does not come out crispy. Flavor stated is affected by the freezing.

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  • Not a good Deal, (Tekeke IA)

    They really Hype up their products and make them sound Great! so be careful. Think before you Buy- or wait a day. The shrimp were okay- nothing special. These are easy to prepare, as are ALL the frozen shrimp that can be found at every store. The taste was nothing special and the shrimp are not large. Not worth the Price at ALL. Would not Buy again. Do Not Recommend.

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  • Disappointed , (LBaldi OH)

    The cooked shrimp did not turn out at all as expected. I baked in preheated oven & they came limp as a rag. I ended up purchasing an air fryer to see if that would make improved result

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  • shrimp , (Mary690052 TX)

    Did not like it Canceled my auto ship

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  • Curtis stone crusted shrimp, (hol5 IL)

    There was more coating than shrimp shrimp very small take coat off and almost no shrimp when pakg. Got to my door no dry ice the shrimp was barely cool j put right to freezer later cooked onepkg was ok but I have had better from Sams club

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  • Coconut Panko Shrimp, (yokums NJ)

    Gifted these to my 2 granddaughters. Only 1 has tried them so far. Breading was crisp and tasty but the shrimp were soft and soggynot what she thought Curtis product would be! She did them in her oven per the instructions. Very disappointed with the product. Certainly hope the second granddaughter is pleased with her gift!

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  • Disappointing, (dragonprincess TX)

    I was so excited to get my order yesterday and immediately put a package in oven and baked as directed. Imagine my immense disappointment to bite into one and get a mouthful of shredded something. It was tasteless and bore no resemblance to any food item I have ever purchased. Thinking it was a one-piece mistake, my friends and I proceeded to bite into more. All were the same.....tasteless and not resembling what was advertised. Will not buy any food product by Curtis Stone again!

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  • Unhappy., (Champagne_Lady PA)

    Though convenient we found these to not be very favorable. Would have like more coconut breading. We did cancel our auto-delivery also

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