Curtis Stone Chop Chop All-In-One Prep Tool

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  • Honestly , (LoveMyHSN-1 OH)

    I truly was hoping to love it but have it away after two uses. Not everything stored inside easily and it hurt my wrist to push it down as hard as I had to push for it to cut things.

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  • Not good for slicing, (Iloveabby PA)

    The tool to hold to vegetables or fruit that you wish to slice is USELESS ! There are no prongs to hold that hold whatever it is youre slicing as you slide It across the mandolin blade. The other accessories are fine but you risk major gashes if you use it as a thin sliver. Chef should create a holder with prongs and send one to everyone who bought this prep tool as without it the slicing blade accessory is useless.

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  • Found it hard to use , (Number5 VA)

    I was looking forward to this tool but I found it difficult to use--not stable and you really need to ensure you have the right leverage to keep from slipping.

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  • Love All Things Stone but This Not So Much , (MARYLAND VA)

    During the presentation I noticed that Curtis banged this thing down hard to chop. Having it at home it was even harder for me. I tried it and it was just awful. I should have packed it up and returned to HSN. This will be another donated item. Someone else may find it useful rather than paying to return.

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  • Not sure yet, (MJH3 NJ)

    I want to love this product but so far everything I have tried to chop is not as effortless as when Curtis did it in the presentation. The blade gets stuck in the vegetables

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  • Very disappointed, (bcap911 MO)

    This is very difficult to use. Tried to chop a carrot, but it wouldn't go through the blades - had to pound on the top to get it to move. This limits what you can chop. Do not like a madolin grater.

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  • Disappointed , (1WildWoman TX)

    The metal insert keeps bopping out of the housing unit. I suggest adding a feature to make it lock in place. I have to keep putting it back in its slot over and over again. If this issue was resolved, I would purchase it again.

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  • Difficult to use - cumbersome, (sumfun386 NH)

    I used mine once and found it to be very difficult to use and the parts somewhat cumbersome, especially for older people. I normally don't return items, but this one had to go back.

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  • sharper blades, (gardeningfreak IN)

    would have been much nicer. Some blades work well, but with some I hardly have the strength to operate. I like the storage unit,but it takes such force with some that it bounces out of position.

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  • Good but., (Hunter72 OH)

    This product is good but, I dont like the fact that there is only 1 size for dices when dicing my tomatoes, onions, jalapeos for my pico, its larger than what I like. I Guess i didnt realize how large it was when watching the presentation. Also, you have to hit hard to make it finish the dice which then is very loud. Like it but returning. IAfter having it, I also wish it was shorter and longer than taller and fat. Love CS products but, this 1 isnt for me. It works, though.

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  • Takes strength , (Melmsu MI)

    Perhaps Im not as strong as Curtis Stone. boy did he make it look so easy I struggled with doing the onions, but Ill keep trying to find the best way to do it and hope for the best. by the time I did get through everything I had a pretty good tasting salsa. My husband loves it for our apples and caramel

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  • Good Results, (Eic1 IL)

    So far this has worked well to chop veggies for salads. The problem is that I have to push the top down to touch the veggies and then pound the top hard to get it to dice thru the grates; I cannot simply push the top down to get it to work. I don't know how long it will last using it this way but for me, it's the only way I can get it to work.

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  • not too easy to operate, (smk52 FL)

    Although this looks like it will be a great assist in the kitchen it takes too long to assemble and to change the blades.Will keep it & try to practice operating it

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  • Curtis Stone Chop Chop, (curly70 MO)

    I like this, I thought. It l have chopped some vegetables and it works great, and I wash everything like it said to do. But when you get to put everything back together, the little hook that holds everything, and I went to lock it down, the little hook broke on one side. what can be done about this? I just barely got this product, and was happy to use it.

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  • Lost order, (BridgetteP317 SC)

    I didn't realize order was sent to old address in which I've corrected on-line

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