Curtis Stone Chop Chop All-In-One Prep Tool

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  • Disappointed, (PhillyPam DE)

    I've generally been happy with Curtis Stone products, and had high hopes for this. I was especially excited to have all of those functional options contained in a small footprint. I've used it to quarter mushrooms and chop hard boiled eggs...for both uses the plate over the receptacle got stuck in the top. For the checkerboard configuration, the top plate in the lid collected the eggs and I had to use a brush to clean it. I'll keep it until I find the "new great thing".

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  • Doesn't Work Like They Show On TV, (daydreaming VA)

    This doesn't work like they show on TV. If you want something chopped, unless you cut whatever it is to the length you want, everything comes out like French fries. So, if you want a chopped onion, cucumber, egg, etc. you have to cut it to the length you want before putting it thru. Once you've done that you might as well finish chopping it. I found it to be a waste of time. If it wasn't past 30 days I'd return it!!

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  • Chop Chop, (critter3 WA)

    This product is not for everyone. Very had to push the vegetables thru. No place to store the mandolin. I gave my other one away that I bought on Amazon, should have kept it was much better.

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  • Great concept but, (Cocostan CA)

    cheaply made. I always keep chopped apples on hand for my rabbits and this chopper made it so quick and easy, that is until part of the apple chopping blade broke off after using it only a few weeks. The blades are way too thin and the plastic is so cheap that one of the lock hooks broke off and after the first use. The other blade is still chopping carrots when I need small cubes and as long as I thinly slice them first, but I mainly needed this to chop apples.

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  • It's ok if you are strong, (kathywithakay OH)

    It works but takes a lot of muscle to chop an onion and forget chopping a potato. In the demo the guy did all the chopping, not the female hostess. Operatiting this is hard on your hands so beware.I donated mine to a charity

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  • You better be strong!, (Kinky2u TN)

    I love Curtis Stones kitchen equipment. But this just does not work for me. I'm in my 70's and have pretty much lost all my upper body strengh. You really have to slam the top to make it work. And slamming anything usually breaks something. Only thing broke is my pride.

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  • Very hard to clean, (dana1961 OK)

    I really wanted this item. On air it looked so simple. It's ok for chopping, but the real problem is cleaning it. Everything sticks in the groves. I had to take a knife and clean every little square on the top.

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  • Give Me Strength, (mommyjt NJ)

    I love the idea of it and oh how easy Curtis made it look to use. First to open it takes some strength to push the button and then I tried the dicer. I wanted to dice carrots for a recipe. I couldnt press down and harder. Between the noise on my counter, the carrot getting stuck, and destroying my hands to press on it, I was ready to throw the darn thing out. Im not a weakling by any means but this is impossible to use for anything harder than a tomato. I kept it but hate it.

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  • Very hard to use, (deedeedu4 WI)

    You have to chop vegetables smaller so you can use this. For me was hard because I'm not very strong. What a waste of time. I'll just chop on my own. Sent back !

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  • Letdown, (Angrenhar17 MA)

    I have to agree with other reviewers, this is WAY too hard to press down, and I use both hands. Diced foods all are stuck to the top of the pusher more than dropping into the drawer. I was pleased with another Curtis Stone purchase but this one not so much.

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  • Hard to use, (hazel162 CT)

    Disappointed it is hard to use. Should provide better instructions pamphlet. I love Cutis Stone products, but this was not good. Had to return.

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  • It's okay, (tropicfan TN)

    It works, but only with smaller items. I almost have to sit on the thing to core an apple. The plastic looks nice, but not likely to last long. I have two big complaints: (1) all of the parts do not fit into the storage drawer (like they claimed on tv), so I have to store some of them elsewhere; and (2) the lid to the storage drawer doesn't fit tightly, it just lays on top of it. So it's useless as storage. Pretty disappointed with this item.

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  • Cheap, (Sixxfan NY)

    This is the second slicing device I have bought from an on-air presentation. I have a tendency to rush and cut my fingers, and this looks like a win for me. Unfortunately, it is junk, I am so disappointed because the on air presentation made this look like a nice piece of equipment. Im starting to have concerns about HSN. The last three items, all with celebrity endorsement, I have purchased are poorly made and return shipping costs, due to flimsy, product quality, upset me.

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  • Not as easy to use as demonstrated, (bobftino IN)

    I tried using this to cut an onion, green pepper with the mandolin and it did not work well at all. I tried chopping a carrot, celery as shown in the demo and everything came out smashed and it was not easy to chop. Yeah I am sorry I purchased this, I can use a knfe and doo a better job much quicker. This is a goodwill donation

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  • I really needed a chopper, (phoenixtrr CT)

    This was what I was looking for, I got the top to lift up, looked over everything, removed inserts and opened the drawer, then I closed it up , and when I tried to open it again, the top wouldnt lift up so I couldnt use it. So I returned it and I didnt want to get another one and I used the prepaid label which cost me $7.95.

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