Curtis Stone Chop Chop All-In-One Prep Tool

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  • Great Chopper, (ChristyM63 MO)

    I like the ability to slice & dice the vegetables in different ways. I like that it has a mandolin. I have not used all the different attachments yet. But what I have done so far its been Great!

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  • A dream to use, (Sue-b WV)

    Many years ago, I purchased a chopper from QVC which I continue to use. But when I saw this one I had to have it. It makes chopping potatoes for french fries so easy and the apple device is absolutely the bomb. I sauted apples today, and I made french fries from real potatoes. No more frozen potatoes for me. So happy with this. The uses endless. Enjoy!

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  • LOVE this tool!, (SongbirdVB MN)

    I am eating a lot more apples and oranges because of this tool. My husband has been making us french fries in the air fryer, too. I am 100% delighted with my new tool!

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  • Fantastic Time Saver, (Pick1again TN)

    How does this gets (as it is currently shown) 3.6 and also have less than 60 total number of reviews is beyond me. Even for just what it can do with its small squares attachment, a device like this got to be in every kitchen.

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  • Loving so far!, (jovifan12144 NY)

    I have only had my Chop Chop for a week or so and have already used it a couple of times for carrot sticks and celery. Such a timesaver! So glad I bought this.

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  • Excellent Chopper, (Cruising_Girl OH)

    This is an excellent chopper! It took a little more umph to go through my potatoes (for fries) than it showed on tv, but it was better than chopping each potato individually. I recommend!!

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  • love it, (Helpmetoday NC)

    love curtis stone products this works just as he stated it would

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  • The greatest invention!, (VintageValerie NE)

    I love this! I am retired and live in a very small space. So well designed. It does so many things in my kitchen in one compact item!!!

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  • I Love the Chop Chop, (Smallspace MI)

    I bought the original verson years ago and misplaced it. So glad HSN and Curtis Stone brought it back i bought another one but went on a hunt for my original. Found it. This is a wonderful prepping tool. I also bought the extra containers. Not dure what i sm going to fo with the new one, but i started using my first one all over again

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  • Ninja Foodie , (dflagg8 GA)

    One of the best purchases of the year. This prep tool does it all ,cuts time to prep way down.

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  • Great product , (juliah56 IA)

    For the people that are having problems with changing out the top. Look at the bottom and you will see a c on each side if you look above that you will see a tab. All you have to do is pull out on one side and you can change out from dice to core and your cleaning tool is also there. I just got mine today and had a hard time myself. Hopefully this will help you.

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  • Mulberry!, (bigbnzo TX)

    The pkging of this product is worth 5 stars alone! Great job! This is the 3rd one I've ordered. The mulberry matches my kitchen decor. My 1st will be donated and my 2nd will go into the RV. I use this every week to cut apples, veggies, etc. I ordered two sets of the bins for meal prepping purposes. Luv this product. Please offer more mulberry kitchen gadgets.

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  • Positive, (Couldbe MO)

    Excellent in all areas..

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  • Curtis stone chop chop, (tartar101 MI)

    I really love this. However I still cannot figure out how to get to the cleaning tool. How do you take the top part off do apples? I have watch so many videos of this. But curtis you Don't show us how to remove the top . I watch you all day. When you were on. You explained everything thing else. I bought two. I'm happy got both in yellow. Please someone help those of us that haven't figured this out.

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  • Soup is on!, (Lioness17 IN)

    I was so excited to get the Chop Chop! Its still cold in northern Indiana and I make a lot of soup. I have issues with my strength and chopping the old fashioned way was exhausting for me. I used this today for the first time and love it! I will say the instruction manual needs a lot of help! One shouldnt have to look up videos and read comments for help on using this! To get the top pusher off to get the cleaning brush and also to clean it, is hard. Curtis, please improve the manual!!

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