Curtis Stone Chop Chop All-In-One Prep Tool

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  • 5, (Tabby499 CA)

    Awful product. Did not perform as seen in presentation. Did not work slicing anything. Dicing onions was a mess.One of the blades did not fit the chopper. My first and last Curtis Stone"'s products.

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  • Complicated , (works2 MI)

    This just seemed to complicated to even try and use so I returned it.

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  • Terrible, (Rfriend AZ)

    Does not chop clean. Noisy. Have to clean after every chop as strands or pieces are stuck. So disappointing. Made my Easter prep take ten times as long.

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  • Just didn't like ..., (Anne49 PA)

    Found this way too hard to chop with - not as easy to use like the TV demonstration showed. Not one of my favorite kitchen helpers in the CS line of products. Already sent back to HSN.

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  • Not as easy!, (Mommydearest4 MO)

    I love Curtis stone products. However, this fell short of my expectations. The drawer repeatedly opened while I was chopping and the food stuck to the top and the attachment did too. This was a big disappointment.

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  • Locked, could not use - twice!!, (GabrielaCA CA)

    First tool set I got had the lock button stuck and the tool could not open. Unusable. HSN courteously sent a replacement. Same problem. I also need to return this and stay in line to the post office. Sadly, HSN does not pay me to stay in line for 30 minutes for each return for something it is not my fault (especially being pregnant). Twice for the same product. At this point, I characterize this item as trash.

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  • Disappointed , (littledar IL)

    I really wanted to keep this chopper, but will be returning. You really need upper arm strength to push down in order to chop. I noticed that none of the ladies attempted to chop either.Ill just keep the HQ chopper I got from HSN a few months ago. That chopper works great.

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  • Needs serious overhaul, (kateswa WA)

    I normally love the Curtis Stone purchases I make. This is the exception, plastic pieces broke the first use and the blades appeared dull, had difficulty cutting an apple. It is going back.

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  • Didn't work well, (kidhead TN)

    Every time I pushed the top to chop, it got stuck to the top and I had to pry it off. It took way more time to use it then chopping by hand. I would have loved to love it!!

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  • Not what I expected, (ID7Bguy ID)

    First off I love my Curtis Stone pots and pans. So thought I would try this item too. I bought 3, one for me and 2 for gifts. Even bought the extra containers. I tried one to be sure it worked like expected, but unfortunately it didn't. The first use, a small plastic piece broke off, don't know where it broke from. Then I couldn't get it to chop up a yellow bell pepper, it just turned to mush in the top portion. Sadly, all three and the extra containers were returned.

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  • Don't Buy It, (Jules784 OH)

    He makes it look easy to use. Notice how he doesn't let the lady try to push the plunger down. I'm in good physical health and it was too hard to keep wanting to use this product.

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  • Terrible , (DeeAnnaLyn77 SC)

    I purchased the All in One prep tool so I could assist my husband with cooking more food at home.This All in One, is sloppy and poorly constructed. It took so much force to dice onions. It practically fell apart when using it as well.This gadget doesn't even clean up well in a dishwasher. I was so disappointed. We threw it in the trash.

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  • Im sorry I bought this., (violagirl FL)

    I bought this item hoping it would make my vegetable prep easier. It did not. Its very difficult to use and you have to place vegetables a certain way or it wont chop them. Its too expensive to return . This will go in my garage.

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  • Curtis Stone Chopper, (dededo IL)

    We cant get the lid portion up. Also two were sent to me, when I called to tell them, they said I ordered two which I know I didnt. I only need one. Since Im having so much trouble getting the lid up I may end up having to return this item. Too bad because when I saw on the demo on television, It looked like it would be ideal for me as Im someone with essential tremor and I have a terrible time trying to chop vegetables and fruit.

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  • Misleading , (jen722 FL)

    This was difficult to cut apples and tge other veggies. Carrots cut ok but nothing like was shown onTV. The one I received was defective so back it went

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