Curtis Stone Chop Chop All-In-One Prep Tool

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  • Disappointed - Waste of money, (SBYonkersNY NY)

    Not sure how anyone could give this contraption 5 stars. Really?Very hard to assemble and use, requires really forceful pushing and even then, doesn't cut through food. Bought the extra containers and the tops don't even snap on, they just sit on the top.Very loud when using and way more trouble than it's worth.It feels like something invented in the 50's, not the 21st century.Not worth the hassle of returning, just put it in my recycle bin.

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  • Chop chop curtis stone, (craig58 FL)

    This item sucks and so does customer service.Opened the box found pieces missing. Was informed that they could do nothing about it.Don't waste your money on this.I will no longer do any business with hsn.

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  • Useless, (Shopper894 MA)

    This MIGHT work is you, like Curtis himself, are 6 feet tall and strong enough to really press down on this from a good height. However, for this 5 foot tall person, even banging on the top did not make the veggies go through the blade. I really wanted it for chopping onions, but it just mashed them. For me, it was useless and back it went. If there was a NO STAR choice, that's what I would give. It's not worth even the one star that is the only option here.

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  • Very Sad, (PattyG60 WA)

    I ordered this had it in my cart, Paid for it. By the time they decided to send my order out this item was no longer available. This is the one thing that I actually was wanting and waiting for.

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  • Terrible Item, (ronjj NJ)

    We have never had any issue with any Curtis Stone item we have purchased. This one is not one of them. Changing the different blades is inconvenient and time consuming.

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  • Hard to use, (maxandpete AZ)

    Hard to use if you are older and / or have arthritis. You have to slam down really hard to get it to chop.Then a lot of the food sticks to the chopper. I remember watching the demonstrations, and Curtis had to keep adjusting the chopper while he was using it. Should of been a warning sign.And there's an art to storing it. Not all the pieces fit inside the clear container.Cheap plastic . Sorry I bought it. Will be in my next garage sale (for $5 obo), or a thrift store.

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  • So disappointing , (Kmccinaghy SC)

    I used this for first time and the plastic hook on the pusher broke off! I was so excited that this would be a time-saver when chopping food.....but it was more of a hassle. Food was stuck in the pusher and hard to clean. I can't return because I don't have the original shipping box.

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  • Curtis Stone Chop Chop, (Conkle01 KS)

    Horrible product for the price, unable to chop items, parts continue to detach when in usewant a refund and would never recommend this product to anyone

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  • Nope , (robin5943 FL)

    It was an impulse purchase and I didnt return it, but Ill never use it. Just didnt work as easy as it showed on TV

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  • Chop Chop NOOO!!, (grvr FL)

    This is by far the worst product I have ever been sold on!! The shredder part of this item is worthless. My old box shredder works much better and is much easier to use and clean.By the time I get this out and put together (the parts fit together with difficulty), my prep could be done with a chef's knife AND the cleanup would be much quicker!!!This is the first time I have used it and it is too late to return it so it and the 2 containers I bought with it will just take up space.

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  • Just not worth the trouble, (Cmt88-1127_Rmt NM)

    I received the Chop All in one but it was missing the coarse grater. I have ben in contact with the company for over a month. They agreed to send the grater but it would take up to 21 business days to receive. It's been much longer than that and they refuse to send the part. It is quite flimsy and doesn't work as well as shown in the videos. Just poor quality overall.

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  • Need Superman to use, (Grumpalina66 ID)

    Everything got stuck in blades. Had to be very careful when dislodging raw potato. Smashed other stuff. Horrible to clean! Impossible to figure out what went where. Yes, I like stuff labeled!Bought two of these disasters! Granddaughter is stupidly keeping hers. Hasn't opened yet. Only thing I will buy from Curtis now are baking pans. No skillets either!

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  • Disappointed, (Bes IL)

    I am beyond disappointed in the chop chop. Pieces missing, no brush. This chopper would not dice a tomato, just smashed it into the blades, same with bell pepper.

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  • Cheated, (Dodo2Birdy OH)

    Was a huge disappointment! Missing pieces, no mandolin or brush. Presentation was great if it were true. What ever happened to integrity? This is my absolute last purchase from HSN. I am returning immediately.

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  • Not Not! Bought 1, hated it!, (Ninja15 FL)

    Chop Chop is Not Not! This does NOT work simply or easily as shown on Air! Please show the assembly of the product on air, so that buyers can really make an informed decision.

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