Curtis Stone 80-count Potstickers

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  • Curtis Stone Chicken Potstickers, (jean323 CA)

    Oh my goodness!!! They were so good. They didn't last very long. I'm still flex paying and I'm ready to re order. I want some more.

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  • Excellent, (MAMA1944 FL)

    I love these potstickers! I bake them in the oven for 20 min. Serve them with sweet soy sauce. Yummy!

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  • Disappointed , (mona60 NY)

    This is the second time I bought this item. The flavor is not as the first set I bought. I would think twice before purchasing this item again

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  • SO MANY ways to use, (tarantula FL)

    I've added these to soup for myself, baked, and pan fried. They NEVER come out other than anything I expect. For get togethers, WE steam a big batch of these, and put them on the grill-we coat in oil first-they turn out delicious! The ONLY thing that we would LOVE to add to our cookouts is Egg Harbor Tempura Shrimp. Hope there's a chance of HSN bringing in that item. WE MISS THEM! Thanks ahead of time if we see them on this site!

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  • LOVE: Chinese Potstickers!!!!!!, (tbrnet2b MN)

    Curtis Stone Potstickers are by FAR: the best postickers I've ever tasted! Use in broth & stir-fry veggies to make comfort soups! Bought them & hope they'll go on sale: so I can buy MORE! Thanks Curtis Stone for preparing them! Juli ;)

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  • Fair, (huskies459 FL)

    These potstickers are good but more vegetables then chicken. Unfortunately I havent found them to be better or worse the the ones offered on QVC. I may consider buying again.

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  • Cook These AS Directed, (RubyLuna UT)

    My first experience with these Curtis Stone Pork Potstickers was less than memorable. They were fine, but I didn't get excited over them. I had added these to a soup, and they simply didn't hold up. The flavor was good however, and so I tried again, this time pan frying them in a bit of oil until they were golden brown. Now I'm a fan! They are versatile and easy to prepare, and it's great to have these in the freezer for anytime I have a craving for potstickers!

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    I really love these potstickers. I have eaten the pork, chicken and vegetable ones with the vegetable ones being my favorite but they are usually gone before I can get my order in. These potstickers go with everything that I cook and are good by themselves as a snack. I am not good at leaving comments because takes up ,y time but I do appreciate reading others and sometimes use others as a guide so order these as you and your children will like them even vegans like my son.

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  • Delicious, (Scout4u3 MT)

    These are so good I bought the pork, I just orered the chicken today, my husband loves these as well

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  • Delicious , (Merv_74 OH)

    They are so good

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  • Potstickers, (lpeg IA)

    They are ok but was hoping for a better quality since they are from Curtis Stone.

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