Curtis Stone 3-pack 1 lb. Bacon-Wrapped Jumbo Scallops Auto-Ship®

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  • Bacon wrapped scallops, (Sandy97 NY)

    Jumbo? very good. Love Curtis Stone products, expected no less.

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  • Horrible, (pumpkin03060 NH)

    I bought these for my husband and upon opening the smell was so horrific that they immediately were thrown out. I still cannot get the odor out of my house. I am not sure what went seriously wrong here but I hope they are recalled. They do NOT deserve a star but to post you had to add one.

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  • Bad, (sarah61 WV)

    Im sorry to write this , because I have ordered other jumbo scallops that were large and delicious,without bacon. I ordered these because the others were sold out. In one word awful, I had these sent to my son for our Christmas Eve dinner. They smelled awful cooking we had to use the vent fan to get the smell out . There wasnt anything jumbo about them. The bacon was worse taste ever. I was so embarrassed.

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  • disappointed , (pancreas20219 MA)

    Sorry, these were a big disappointment. 1. Certainly not good quality jumbo size scallops, or perhaps they used jumbo scallops and cut them in pieces.2. The bacon wrapping was rancid.I planned to use these as an appetizer for a holiday party. The color of the bacon should have been a warning but I cooked as instructed. The scallop pieces shrank (meaning they were full of water) and the bacon was a gray color before baking. When done, ugh, I tried one and indeed, the bacon was rancid!

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  • couple of surprises, (expa VA)

    First I was surprised to read they were from Rastelli. Second surprise was the size of these "jumbo" scallops. If these are jumbo I can't imagine how tiny the small ones are !

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