Curtis Stone 12" Casserole with Koala Lid Knob

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  • love, (auntred FL)

    I absolutely love this pan. I already own this pan and I ordered another because we are having a party and it's for a giveaway. I know whoever receives this pan will love it. It's my go to pan!

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    I make a 3 egg omelet in this pan(2 whole eggs and 1 egg white), with cheese and greens. It literally slides right out of the pan. It comes out perfectly, no sticking at all. I add a drop of olive oil just for taste. I cover it while cooking so it cooks even faster. I love Curtis Stone"s pans.

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  • Adorable Elegance for Charity, (ChampagneJune CT)

    The absolute favorite of my Curtis Stone purchases! Too cute and elegant to actually use, I keep this pristinely on display in a lighted dining room cabinet. Would have purchased many more of these limited wildlife editions if the charitable aspect of these purchases to Wildlife Warriors had been more predominantly specified. Will still purchase more if Synchrony Bank will appropriately process all HSN & Q card payments! More than $3,000 of my payments are currently missing and/or mishandled!

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  • Beautiful skillet, (NI10GAL UT)

    I got this skillet to replace a skillet I had in my oven that got cooked. I love the finish. These skillets will not make it through a self cleaning cycle in an oven!!!!!!!!

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  • Great Pan !, (trucker PA)

    This is a great pan nothing sticks to this pan! Very good looking pan !

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  • Incredible pan!, (bella993 CA)

    I bought this casserole dish with koala bear knob in turquoise. I have been afraid to use it. It's so beautiful. I used it tonight for a huge frozen dinner made to be cooked in a large skillet. It came out perfectly. Clean up was easy with just a few wipes, even the area that got burned. It came off easily. I am not afraid to use it now. It's incredible.

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  • Excellent Pan, (danny627 GA)

    I really am enjoying this pan! I use it every day and it never fails me! From French toast to burgers to eggs!

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  • Love it , (marybrooke CA)

    My now grown-up kids grew up watching Steve Irwin, so when I saw this,I knew I had to buy them each one. They said it was one of the coolest gifts they have ever received. Can't wait to purchase the next three designs !

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  • Go to pan, (piats FL)

    I love the pan. The pan is my work horse of all my Curtis stone pans. It looks great and works even better. So much better I bought another for my mom. And I love that your purchase helps wild life.

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  • Great Pan!, (charger1 CA)

    I use this pan for most of my cooking. Everything comes out perfectly and evenly done and quickly. I used it for corn on the cob and they cooked very fast. Made spaghetti and cooked the onions and mushrooms on one side of the pan and the meat on the other side and then finished cooking them together, the meal was done in half the time! Enjoying the Koala so cute!

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  • Love anything Curtis, (Livviesgg OR)

    I have so many Curtis Stone pieces and I love them all. I have used this pan several times already, and it's perfect. The Koala bear on the lid is adorable. I will watch Curtis every time time that I can when he is on, and will buy something.

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  • Awesome , (MEEMAA FL)

    This pan is over the top. The kaola bear is so cute and the pan works just as Chef Stone says. I have many of his pots but this series to help animals shows hes a chef with a big heart as well. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

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  • Enjoying this item, (china817 FL)

    I simply love it

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  • Sooo cute, (eljay13 OR)

    I only use his pans they don't stick no oil to use clean good last forever I liked this so much that I found the mini panda dish somewhere else so I can have collection waiting for alligator pan thank you curtis

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  • Curtis Stone 12"Casserole Koala Lid knob, (luckey10penney NH)

    This pan is amazing to cook in. Just cooked steaks n this pan with no oil or butter. They seared beautifully. So not only is the pan beautiful but is fantatic for cooking so healthy.

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