Curtis Stone 100-Count Vegetable Potstickers Auto-Ship®

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  • delicious, (charley75 NV)

    my favorite pot stickers

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  • "SIMPLY DELICIOUS", (Belita1945 FL)

    I bought these from the chef Curtis Stone. They are delicious. Tasty.I had them from another company and they were not good at all.These, you can buy it and be delited that you did.I love them and I eat them all the time as an appetiser. Thanks for such a good Potstickers.

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  • Delicious , (Merv_74 OH)

    These are so good and full of Pork

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  • Yum!!!, (ShopgirlDani CO)

    I am a potsticker snob and I love these Potstickers!!!! They are so delicious and couldn't be easier to make. I paired them with Curtis's Sriracha Mayo and it was the perfect pairing. Please keep these in stock!!!!

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  • Delicious, (LindaSal RI)

    I really like these potstickers. They are easy to prepare and very tasty. I actually put them in a turkey oriental soup toward the end of cooking instead of rice noodles. Just let them simmer until done, came out great!

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  • Chicken potstickers, (tinchaser OH)

    These potstickers are delicious. I cooked them using the pan-frying method. They turned out beautifully. Thank you Curtis Stone!

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  • Easy To Cook, (angzilla_25 MA)

    Cooking instructions are from frozen, and I don't recall this during presentation. Nevertheless, the instructions were easy to follow, and I've memorized the instructions. My 1st attempt, I fried 9, and ate them all. My 2nd attempt, I added an assortment of peppers and soy sauce as a stir fry and placed over rice. I bought the 50-count, and I am down to 1 bag in 2 days. They are delicious. Will buy more later in the year. Thanks Chef Curtis Stone!

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  • I expected to see vegetables, (momadukes PA)

    These would taste better if they had visual peas, carrots, onions, ect... Lots of ingredients listed. But I don't think they taste like vegetables. Warmed up they have to have a sauce or very bland. Cold is a little better with soy sauce.

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  • No taste , (joycee2019 MN)

    These are the worst tasting potstickers I have ever tastedno taste. I have had much better from my local grocery~ and this food was very expensive.

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  • Not worth the price, (TriciaTMC FL)

    Small, rather tasteless, and severely over priced! Tai pei frozen potstickers have more flavor and are largerand cost ~63% less than the sale price on these potstickersand they are sure to be frozen unlike the CS brand which usually arrives thawed and sometimes leaking. Shameful greed, just shameful! and zero stars should be allowed.

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  • Sent the wrong item, (BobbieJoops MI)

    I was looking forward to the vegetable potstickers. The order I received was vegetable and chicken. Apparently somebody just read the first word vegetable and sent me vegetables chicken, whoops

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  • product thawed, (Valleygirl17 WA)

    product was not frozen upon delivery.also too many potstickers in each bag.potstickers fell apart in the bags, what a mess

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