Curtis Stone 10-pk 5.33 oz. Grass Fed Short Rib Burgers

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  • THe best Burgers, (Princess20510 CA)

    We have been ordering these bugers, after having them for the first time they are the only burger we buy. These burgers don't fall apart and are so delicious. I even break them up and make a small meat loaf for us. THey are a very firm burger and don't break up when you take your first bite. You won't be disappointed.

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  • De-lish, (Starshine812 NY)

    These are the best. I was so pleasantly surprised when I took the first bite and it was actually juicy and flavorful!! Will definitely order again!

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  • Delicious, (sherwood117 OR)

    I've ordered Tony Little's burgers in the past and these Curtis Stone burgers are amazing! They do cut like a 'steak' burger. I'm happy that I have them on auto-ship.

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  • Grass fed short rib burgers, (LorraineArcella NY)

    I normally do not eat beef but these burgers are delicious. I could not believe the difference in taste from supermarket chop meat. Five stars. lorraine+

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  • Delicious burgers, (oknotagain CT)

    I have to say these burgers were so tasty and juicy definitely buying more

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  • Delicious , (Merv_74 OH)

    These steak burgers are the best I love them

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  • Curtis Stone burgers, (nanlee2 MD)

    Best burgers ever! Great price and delicious!

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  • Yum!, (Lindacruise KY)

    These burgers are really good and you cant beat the cost. Will buy again!

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  • Best burger!, (Silklight NJ)

    These burgers are so juicy and tender. Absolutely fabulous! I cooked them from frozen; four minutes on one side and three minutes on the other side for a medium burger. Just perfect. It taste like theyre seasoned also which is fine. Didnt have to add any salt. Just some cheese and like I said they cooked perfectly! Well, definitely re-order. I am on AutoShip. Woo hoo!

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  • Fabulous Burgers!, (barbie9988 FL)

    These burgers are delicious and they didn't shrink in size at all, nice size and convenient packaging.

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  • so this happened, (nonnyjo3 AZ)

    it should be illegal for me to be in a kitchen, ever, I'm that bad! lol A few of mine arrived thawed on the edges and I'm a little worried about those, I kept in the fridge to cook right away, I cooked one frozen on my grill pan with salt pepper and montreal steak grill mates seasoning. Brioche bun with mayo lettuce and tomato, pulled it out on bun and realized it was raw. Threw all of it back in the grill pan, covered it with my griddle, said bad words. BUT..I just ate the best burgr of my life

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  • Absolutely Delicious, (shammy201 MI)

    I will definitely order these burgersagain. They are delicious with orwithout a bun. I make them witha burger or steak and eggs. Truequality thru and thru.

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  • Very convenient & tasty, (MDWI WI)

    Really convenient when I have not planned any meal. Easy to use right from frozen. JUST WISH there was NO BLACK PEPPER pre-seasoned on the burgers. NOT EVERYONE LOVES BLACK PEPPER. I hope HSN will pass this suggestion on to Curtis. I prefer to season them myself. It's a NICE TO HAVE in the freezer especially when you work fulltime and don't want to go out at the last minute.

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  • a little dense, like meatloaf, (dorothycarol FL)

    nice flavor but very dense like meatloaf. It would be a good meatloaf, but I really just want hamburger when I order hamburger . I am sure it is just what some people want but I really like the taste of unadulterated meat

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  • YUMMY!!, (haroldfinch1 IL)

    Delicious, fresh tasting burger. Really yummy!!

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