Cuisinart 3-Cup Mini Prep Plus Food Processor

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  • 5 stars, (Aunt-Rhodi MI)

    I had this in red and wanted a back up. Have been using this new one and it's even better than the previous one! Chops and grinds bigger chunks all the way down to herbs and spices.

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  • Best little chopper ever!, (jnanours KS)

    I purchased the Kitchen Aid several years ago. It was very expensive and has a ton of blades. I have used it once . I purchased this little guy and use it no less than once or twice each week! Give some as Christmas gifts this year.

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  • Push my button, (mlinn NY)

    I gave this as a Christmas gift. The person who uses it is very happy with its simplicity.

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  • Easy to use., (Trish072 MO)

    Does a great job of quick processing food items.

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  • Wonderful Gadget!, (MaryBethK414 WI)

    I love this little chopper / grinder! So far I've made hummus and black bean dip and am excited to try making chicken liver pate'. I hesitated to get his because it seemed a little expensive to me - however - I can see that I will be able to save a HUGE amount of money on healthy home made foods so to me, this is a great investment in my family's health and nutrition.Super easy to use and to clean.A+

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  • Great size, (MarthaD3 CT)

    Perfect small size for daily use. My daughter uses it everyday to make baby food. Fits on the counter nicely and works great!

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  • Awesome little chopper , (LaurieN2 WI)

    Love that I bought this little chopper. Perfect size as I don't want to bring out my big food processor.

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  • Mini prep processor, (giftergal NY)

    Great little chopper---use for nuts in baking, use for cole slaw. Takes a small shelf space to store

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  • Great small Cuisinart, (Nonnie-53 TX)

    Love this smaller food processor. So easy to use and doesnt take up much space. I love to cook but kitchen isnt real big. Great product

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  • LOVE THIS FOOD PROCESSOR, (4wistfull73216 FL)

    when i got married 35 yrs ago I got one of these, not as nice as this one but it did the trick until it fell and broke in millions of pieces. I I ordered two of these one for me one for a friend. Friend got this color I got the hot pink one. i love the way it chops and grinds. i make ice cream in it with condensed milk and vanilla pudding and heavy cream it comes so delish... you out to try this. i highly reccomend this product

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  • A great purchase, (Sue-b WV)

    I have use this little mini prep food processor quite often since purchasing it. Of course, it was the value of the day and the price was outstanding. But I would still buy it at a regular price since it really does the job. Very happy with my purchase.

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  • Love it, (q_storm CA)

    First time I saw the demo I had to have it and absolutely love it; makes chopping and grinding so much easier AND cleanup is a breeze.

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  • Perfect little gadget, (MishkasMom NJ)

    Purchased one , used it and went back for a second, as a gift. This is the perfect do all little gadget, that works like the iconic Cuisinart should. From coffee beans, to veggie bases, to smoothies, does it all with ease and very easy clean up too.

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  • I Love This, (ellis1971 CA)

    I bought one of the battery operated mini choppers a couple of years ago to replace my basic mini chopper that was on its last legs. I have not found the battery operated one as useful as I thought it would be, (mainly because you can't use it while its charging). So I am back to this basic model and am using it regularly. Easy to use, easy to clean.

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  • Works Great!, (janetkathy AZ)

    This little processor is a workhorse! It will do whatever you need in record time. Easy to use and very stylish on my shelf!

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