Deluxe 14-Piece Grill Tool Set

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  • Stunning BBQ set, (Shopper222222222 PA)

    I gave this as a gift and the feedback was 100% 5 stars . Glowing thanks and is being used a lot. When carrying the case out to the grill, other guys are commenting - even before the case is opened! 14 amazing pieces easy to use, easy to clean & store. BUY THIS for yourself and as a gift. The praise you will receive is astounding

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  • Set, (iam2tall1 ID)

    Very happy with this set.Was ship very fast.

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  • Nice, (Anonymous AL)

    I am really pleased with this purchase and looking forward to using it for many years to come.

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  • High Quality, (ritzz1 TX)

    This set is beautiful. Wondersful quality and I bought for a gift. This was so wonderful I am ordering one for us as well!

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  • awesome, (boodygoo MI)

    everything is in this kit and it is all useable. All the items are easy to use and they are durable and strong.

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  • GREAT GUY GIFT, (rbabikan GA)

    I bought these for my Son who is just staring his new family. He just received his first grill and this was exactly what he needed. All of the utensils included are very sturdy. Great product.

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  • Awesome Set, (heidig CO)

    I love this set! Everything your need!

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  • magnifique, (schaetzchen IL)

    I am giving this as a gift for christmas but it looks super and seems to be well constructed .

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  • Thank you gift, (Anonymous WA)

    I purchased this for my grandson who lives with me and calls himself the BBQ king! He loves it, now wants a newer, better BBQ to go with it. Wonderful gift and as he says there isn't a BBQ tool in there that he won't use over and over again.

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  • Cuisinart Grilling Set w/Case, (JBK61 CA)

    My hubby just invested in a new BBQ & being an ex-chef, he knows the quality & owns several Cuisinart kitchen pieces. He's very hard to buy for, as he's frugal & always "already has it". Well, he already has a few grillingware, but nothing like this! I knew he loved it when he opened it and sat there taking each item out and putting it back into its Velcro holders. Then I got the " this was too expensive" speech, so I had to break down & tell him what I actually paid for it! The spatula alone was well worth the price! When I ordered it, I was afraid it may be " tinny", as I've never seen a Cuisinart Set at such an affordable price-WRONG! All the pieces and their case was well made & sturdy! No low-end quality here! They are dishwasher safe & all the pieces fit nicely & securely. Now he truly can be the King of the BBQ! Only one thing though, you just may get too much BBQ food! LOL! I do have to say it's nice though that I don't have to turn on the oven in triple-digit heat! Thanks HSN,

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  • Happy Lady, (Awesome7 VA)

    Purchased this for my husband for Father's Day It was a really nice set he does alot of cooking on the grill the case was awesome .Make a wonderful gift to anyone well oder more...

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  • Gift The Box Destroyed, (gaitedhorses CA)

    When it arrived. This Grill Set was put in a big box which was all broken apart, but the metal case and set looked like it was OK. This is a gift for my daughter in Germany, they grill a lot over there.

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    Product was shipped in a large box.We wrapped the box and presented to Grandpa for his birthday. Opened the box only to find a dented case. Grandpa was too polite to complain. We were embarrassed. The case WAS NOT DENTED in shipping. Rather, the dented item was put in a box and shipped to me. The quality of things inside the case was good, however. Nice to have all the grilling tools together. I would have returned this, but Grandpa insisted it wasn't too badly dented.

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