Cuchina Safe 8" and 9" Vented Glass Lids

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  • Perfect vented glass lids , (bonita1961 VA)

    Theses vented glass lids have made my life so much better . No more plastic or paper towels to cover my meals in the microwave. Great idea & very functional for my meals.

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  • The best lid ever , (Ivette9 NJ)

    I also bought the plate I used this with the lids and is awesome for reheating the food with the two different lid size is wonderful no more plastic covers I threw them all out I am now buying glass for the microwave to reheat my food please bring in more plates to use thank you so much for sharing this with us God bless you

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  • Works great, (deb-14_7 FL)

    Just perfect for the microwave food is nothing like when cooked in plastic, I will never go back to plastic again, It browns your food, taste is incredible as if I used the stove.

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  • Cuchino safe 8" & 11" Vented Glass lids, (dollbaby2572282 IN)

    Love this Vented Glass Lids, Thanks for your product.

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  • works ok., (cammy5 FL)

    These work as advertised. Only problem I have is if the bowl is smaller then the lid when I take it out of the Microwave the condensation on the lid drip all over the counter.

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  • Handy gadget, (sueeich456 FL)

    I saw the creator of this product on Fox News and was intrigued by her story. Was very happy when I saw her products being sold on HSN. Decided to give these items a try first and will probably order the other glass microwave cover she sells as well in the near future. I have always been a little bit concerned about using a plastic microwave cover but have never found a good alternative, until now. I only problem I've encountered is, even though 2 sizes are included, these don't perfectly fit some of my bowls. Other than that, I highly recommend.

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  • overall great idea!, (sweetwinslow FL)

    These are great, except one improvement needs to be made~ the "handles" are smoking hot when used, please make these with silicone coated handles please!!

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