Cruciferous Extracts

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  • Good, (bert233 AR)

    Good but makes me a little gassy.Know its great as we can't eat all of this we need.

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  • cruciferous extracts, (charley22 NC)

    I am taking these [one per day] and hoping for good results!! I've only taken for a few days so too early to tell.

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  • Take This As Insurance, (bootsagain2 CA)

    Love green veggies. Since I have not been able to chew well due to dental complications, this is a good choices for me. Can't say I can tell how it is helping my health but I think it's worth the chance.

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  • Good product, (Ctgrl71kty2 CT)

    Bought for someone who doesn't get enough veggies in their diet. I trust Andrews products. Glad there's a product to help get the nutrients one needs.

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  • Great product., (July01890 NC)

    Gave this 4 should be 5 but after reading the ingredients I realized its not 4 me. I am prone to kidney stones and I dont eat many of those vegetables because of t. Cruciferous veggies give me kidney stones.

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  • Good product, (MAMATEXAS TX)

    We have taking this in capsules but now have been sent a powder. Probably will use in my smoothy and oatmeal. Our blood work is pretty good every time. Also take about another 10 pills each day from Pro Caps.

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  • Good Product, (Potto AZ)

    I've been taking one a day for years because of the health benefits. I took off one star because I ordered the largest size (360) this time and found the expiration date to be 13 months away. Since I already had some left from before, this wasn't ideal for me. I never ran into this situation before, so I wonder how "old" this latest batch is.

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  • The Powder is not for me, (KatKat-1 FL)

    This tasted fine, but gave me terrible heart burn afterward. Sorry to say, this was my first Andrew Lessman return. I will go back to the capsule form of this supplement. Why 4 stars? I know this supplement works, just this form is not for me.

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  • OK, (rsbih TX)

    These capsules smell bad. I know that is because they are cruciferous. I wont but them again

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  • Cruciferous Vegetable Extracts, (Trudy53 NY)

    This is good for me because I am not much of a vegetable eater and I feel this is supplying me with everything I miss with the food.

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  • I feel like these work, (Lausp AZ)

    I can't say anything monumental has happened after taking them but I feel as if they make me feel better....maybe its the power of suggestion but I like them.

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  • short expiration date, (xlnt IA)

    only 6 month expiration date

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  • Don't have an after taste, (lynn2006 NC)

    I love green vegetables but there are some days i don't get enough so I decided to give these a try and made a promise to myself that if they did not have an after taste I would add them to my supplement regime at least I know I am getting the green veggies i don't eat like Brussels sprouts, red cabbage and wasaib

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  • Helps my nutrition, (Squeak7 NC)

    I don't eat as many vegetables as I should, so this supplement really helps ensure that I get the key ingredients of some the best vegetables. I know eating veggies is always better, but this supplement is a good way to feel a bit less guilty!

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  • veggie extract, (astrovenus NY)

    so far so goodI really like this product and will continue to use it

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