Cruciferous Extracts

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  • Too LARGE, (Pookiepie CA)

    These pills really do work and I do feel better, but they are too large and hard to swallow! Please make smaller capsules!!

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  • Best veggies in a pill, (Soriepop CA)

    Im am not fond of vegetables, never been. But I do need them. These supplements are easy to take and digest, no stomach upset. I been using the cranberry supplements for years and they are excellent , these will take same place in y daily routine, thank you Andrew

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  • Loose powder, not capsule form, dissolves poorly!, (lkjhgfds8 FL)

    I'm sure it is healthy, just like ALL of Andrew's products! HOWEVER, I had, mistakenly purchased this as it was going off HSN sale thinking it was a bottle of 600 CAPSULES. Instead, it is a very TINY 1/8th-inch deep "scoop" that is a daily nuisance to use. Also, surprisingly, it does NOT dissolve very good in the glass!!!

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  • Rits, (bama178 FL)

    Ive been buying lots of Andrews products for years and cruciferous extracts I thought these 600 servings would be capsules its in powder form I do not like this powder i love the capsules, I thought these would be capsules I bought them when they were on sale to stock up I just opened them today its to late to send it back so Im out of $99.00 on these and the same thing with the fruit for all 600 servings I thought they were capsules to out of $99.00 on them also

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  • POWDER Not capsules as in previous purchase, (healthyliving5 NJ)

    I was happy to see this as a monthly special again. The last time I ordered this it was in a capsule form. I was happy since if green vegetables were low in the daily diet, I felt a good way to supplement. I did not realize the product changed to just a loose powder. This is not what I expected and in reading other reviews seems I wasn't the only one. Sorry I do not have a use for this and returned. I hope to see the capsules again! I buy Andrews vitamins and MANY of them. First return!

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  • I wanted to love upset my stomach badly, (13579 NY)

    I tried this for 2 weeks...took it different timesof the day. Something in it is very strong andburns my stomach....I wonder if it's the wasabi.Sorry, but I had to return it. I wanted to love itas it's got great ingredients...Just don't tolerateit.

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  • Just not sure!, (Jayjay867 IL)

    Yes, hard to swallow and not one of my favorites, that's for sure.

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  • Phew!, (PHILYGIRL215 PA)

    When I opened the bottle, the smell was overwhelming!

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