Cruciferous Extracts

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  • bought for those that dont eat a variety, (healthyliving5 NJ)

    I bought this along with the fruit variety when they were the monthly special. The bundle with savings did make me decide to do so. Some just don't eat a variety of foods so I felt this was a good idea.

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  • Very good, (boloni NJ)

    Feel better just knowing Im taking something good for me. No aftertaste. Good product

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  • Good product, (Gracie88 FL)

    I love this product and am thankful I can take it on days where I know I haven't eaten enough vegetables. It's as if I'm ingesting pure health. Thanks Andrew!

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  • Salad in a bottle , (threeg LA)

    This is like having a daily salad. Now it's no substitute for the real thing, but it definitely helps. Will purchase more.

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  • vegetables, (jeni6 MI)

    so far so good

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  • Excellent Stuff, (toto126 AZ)

    Not only do i feel that I am doing something good for myself but when i opened the capsule into a 16.9 oz bottle of water, the water turned a deep dark purple. The capsule is a greenish-gray color.It is the real deal!

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  • The best thing for your well being., (Hallowrene CA)

    Even though I shop at Whole Foods and eat a perfect diet (including less than 2000 mg Sodium) the items arent farm to table in freshness. The produce might sit in my refrigerator before used. I added 90% of your antioxidants line to my diet 2 months ago. Im now feeling the benefits. I feel great and very energetic. I have a very serious illness & work closely with my doctors plus a clinical nutritionist. My blood tests (many, many) improved dramatically. I am now stable. I couldnt be happier

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  • No more guilt, (1309lk IA)

    I don't care much for GREEN veggies. This product is perfect for me. I don't give myself a guilt trip anymore over buying & tossing out green veggies...I just don't buy them, but can enjoy the benefits like I have ate them.

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  • Great way to get nutrients , (lcb2019 AZ)

    Love the fact I can get all the nutrients from these vegetables without having to consume mass quantities and suffer the digestive issues from these veggies.

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  • Love love this product , (Nelson8900 CA)

    Thank you Andrew love love this product I even open up the capsules and put it on my dogs food what a great thing youve done for all of us I eat lots of green veggies on my own but you can never have enough thank you so much long time customer of Andrew for 20 years Cheree from the OC

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  • Love it, (janiebug OK)

    Best vitamin around, pure, good quality. I agree why spend money on junk vitamins that don't do the job. Your health, our family health counts on it.

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  • Great results, (Ginger109 CA)

    Have been taking this product for a long time and my health has improved significantly, my doctor even takes it now because neither of us eat enough vegies!

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  • Awesome product , (chico45 FL)

    The best food in a pill, I really like this product its very convenient in my daily take of veggies.

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  • Great, (MERN SC)

    I love having these for travel when I dont have a way to make my green smoothie. Having these keep me from missing my greens for the day.

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  • Living Healthier, (ddeleon498 NY)

    Staying healthy and fit is important and these supplements keep me on track.

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