Cruciferous Extracts

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  • Keep tissue from hardening, (ixoye123 TX)

    Learning we need micronutrients (greens) to keep our tissue soft when we age. I have gene related bad cholesterol. Not sure if its this product but Iv had less lethargy and have slept better the last few days and nights than I have in the last two years. Cant move without Andrews glucosamine sulfate.

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    I changed all of my vitamins to Dr Lessman products. With the products I feel much better physically with this company than with either one company or another. All of the products work very well together and totally complement each other. Love the vitamins...I take this for my gut

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  • Nice way to get the benefits of these veggies, (bluecheeseolives OH)

    I am not sure if these capsules are doing anything or not. But I like the idea that I am getting the benefits of them without having to eat these veggies every day

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  • Fantastic, (Allergyman RI)

    I love that you can always trust that Andrew doesn't use any additives. It means I never have to research various brands. I have Cruciferous Extracts in both the powder (better cost) and the capsules. I use the powder in smoothies (can't even taste it which is good), and then I use the capsules when I am not having a smoothie. Great product.

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  • Love this..., (Mim7 IL)

    We eat a lot of veggies, but on days when we are on the run or on vacation this is a big plus....we also take the Fruit one....both excellent products. Who doesn't love Andrew???

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  • Getting what I need daily!, (cream OR)

    I make a tall glass of ice water and put a scoop in and go. I feel good because I am getting what I need daily. I add a smaller amount and put it my dog's food for allergies and it helps. We have our dog on everything of Andrew's except grape containing products. My husband is staying healthy on this too. We just love you Andrew for all the work you and your staff do. Thank you for keeping all three of us healthy. I trust your products only....

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  • Very Pleased, (SillyWilly ID)

    I ordered this as a repeat item but I never had it before without the gel cap. My thought was to place it in water, or drink in a smoothie, or with apple sauce. The taste was real strong, but the value was great. I bought some gelatin caplets and worked out great. Thanks for great products.

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  • great, (mare853 NJ)

    It has in it what I don't like. Mixed together ,it's good for me. Thank you Mary

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  • It stinks, but!, (DMJT UT)

    A very healthy addition! It came, I opened and looked in. Dark green powder. Odiferous. Smelly. It smells like the fresh veg it contains. Serving size/spoon is very tiny, only 1/8 t. I use it in my morning greens, & afternoon reds drink, along with collagen. Can't tell it's in there. The powder shows up dark red/pink on the inside of your shaker cup, where it's wet. Looks like beet, but no beet in it. I also added to oatmeal. Can't taste.

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  • Very good!, (Debdoe TX)

    I added these and the fruit extracts. They are really helping me, everything is running smoothly! I dont eat right so these help.

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  • Delicious! YUM, (Firesightee MI)

    Mmmm yummy smell of vegetables baking in the oven.... I'm so thrilled! I only like to take the time to bake them when it's winter but now thanks to this I can eat them in a tiny capsule and smell them every time I open the bottle! These look delicious and I'm going to try it and probably will love it! Thank you HSN for this Today's Special deal. Thank you Mr. Lessman for the great smile these put on my face and that you put all the best veggies inside for people to enjoy! Hope you keep on!

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  • Love Andrews vitamins, (TEE1216 DE)

    I take these every day i love all my Andrew Lessman vitamins!!

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  • Eat your veggies, (gami007 CA)

    I don't really like anything green except salad. I know it's not healthy so, for many years ,I have taken various brands of veggies in a pill. I have taken this brand for a couple of years and I take the once a day multiple vitamin.

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  • Excellent vitamin, (custsvc FL)

    I wouldn't be without this vitamin. This vitamin helps prevent cancer.

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  • Love Andrew Leesman's vitamins, (Floridagirl54 FL)

    I have now added this product to my Andrew Lessman vitamins I take daily. I definitely do not eat enough vegetables on a daily basis and know this will help. I have been taking Andrew Lessman's vitamins for years and they benefit me so much! Wouldn't do without them!

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