Cruciferous Extracts

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  • Still Don't Know, (answerwoman24 CA)

    I have only had these for 5 days so I don't know how they work ask me another 20 days and I will tell you. I don't feel any different so who knows if they are working because one can only assume they are.

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  • Helps move the food along, (bbartbob NJ)

    I decided to try this and have found that after using it was instrumental on getting me back to normal movements

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  • Part of Good Health Routine, (xxxxxxxxxx CA)

    Seems a good way to get needed nutrients if you don't like eating veggies.

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  • Great way to get some greens, (KJJJ KS)

    in your diet. Only not-so-good thing is it gives me terrible gas.

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  • Children's stomachs may not tolerate this product, (DebbyH MI)

    My family has happily taken Andrew's superb products for years. This is another wonderful product from Andrew. I enjoy this product and did not experience any stomach upset. However, my two sons, 10 & 13, did experience stomach upset.

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  • Great Product, (Dawn1798 MN)

    I love this!!! I do not get enought vegetables in my diet so this is perfect. I also give this to my 10 year old son since he dislikes many vegatables. I think that when first trying this it is normal to have some stomach issues since your body is adjusting and vegetables have fiber so until your body adjusts to increase in fiber intake it is normal just be patient.

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  • Tastes Fine, (laurie60 CA)

    This is a big container for such a little product not even sure there is 600 servings in it. I took it out of container and it measure just 2 cup. It is less then half full I eel it should be in a smaller container as its a waste of plastic . This is expensive and I dont think Im getting my moneys worth

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  • Not great taste - powder stains counters, (veryDisappoin360 NY)

    The extracts work well if you can "drink" the powder and water form. The taste of the cruciferous is not as vile as the "greens and "fruitful "extracts, which I could not use. I can swallow the cruciferous. HSN must clearly state when the product is in capsule form and when in powder form. Conspicuous labeling will avoid costly, and time consuming returns, and a loss of revenue and return cost to Andrew Lessman. I rated "3", "5" for product when in capsule form, "1" for the powder = 3.

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  • Wish the wasabi was NOT an ingredient, (ouidad OK)

    I've never had issues with broccoli, cabbage, kale or Brussels sprouts but do not eat wasabi due to the spicy hot factor. Never liked the flavor or negative side effects of spicy hot food. Apparently even in this supplement form it does not agree with my system. Wish Andrew would make this available without the wasabi..I take about 20 different vitamins/ supplements created by this good guy with great results..

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  • Good for you, (modona CA)

    I would suggest getting the capsules rather than the powder. It is a wonderful product, other than the taste. I mixed it with water and drank it, but it was unpleasant both in taste and smell.

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  • Cruciferous Extract, (missprint2 PA)

    This is the second time ordering. First time it came in a capsule and I loved it (5 star). Why did they change it to powder form. Its very hard to take and too inconvenient to use. I take a lot of supplements and would not have ordered this product had I known. Please change it back to capsule

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  • ok, (Emmaalleee FL)

    i use these every other day due to too much gas if taken daily.

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  • Sort of..., (Minnowpaws1 TX)

    Conflicted. Works to clean out my system and I had no idea that would happen! NO idea!I would have to set time aside for this product. There has not been that block of time. I now it will be highly effective when I can build up to it.

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  • Great but pricey, (Anonymous CA)

    This is a great product, but it's pricey. Will wait for it to be a Today's Special.

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  • IT'S OKAY, (sunshine957 NY)


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